Sunday, 15 March 2015

how We are getting on

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Elizabeth and I

Elizabeth Hurley is in a new tv show called Royal, where she plays a queen. As I'm "doing an Elizabeth Hurley" at present, this post just might slip, here & there, into the royal "We": you know, how the British royal family refer to themselves.

Looking nice.... is nice

We have been a bit up & down with it all as life itself has been up & down, but am still, basically, going strong. Daily prettifying....Elizabeth says do a 5 minute quick make-up to look pretty. It makes me/us feel nice. 

After World war 2, when the Red Cross was sending in emergency supplies to war ravaged Europe, they found that women wanted they sent lipstick. It seems that when we are feeling good, we prettify ourselves. I don't feel, in my case anyway, that it's to do with attracting men, it's about just feeling good!!

As a teenager, I lived with my Nanna, a very glamorous woman. She taught me, by example, to get up & get dressed nicely each morning. When I was 14, she gave me some fine face powder to cover my pimples & bought me a lipstick. Lucky me. I felt special.

And so is beautifying

Elizabeth, of course, uses Estee Lauder, especially the Advanced Night Repair. It's a serum, & she uses it religiously. A beautician friend gave me a serum so I'm using that. Elizabeth dabs hers on her undereye area throughout the day when she's at home. 

And I've gone back to using a Night Cream: in my case it's a Kawakawa Balm from Carolyn de Silva (Anahera Healing).

Have been even more diligent with SPF, which We both do use, & Elizabeth also sprays on a facial mist throughout the day for extra hydration, so her other half of "We", (me) shall use my rosewater. 

She also covers her head with a towel over a basin of very hot water & steams her face. I used to do that!! I can do it again. 

And she says to sleep with the window open. I have a very handy burglar window in my, I don't think that I shall!

So much to remember to do!!


Am walking more, but not enough. Have had a bath.....with a face scrub. It was enjoyable, but I got bored...need books & more titivating type stuff to do in the bath!! And most days am eating less & eating better. So, am feeling better...... a bonus.

Elizabeth stands for Pink

I need (yes I do!) some pink lipgloss, a la Elizabeth. She is The Pink Lady; she does so much Pink Ribbon work with Estee Lauder & is a great advocate of Breast cancer research & breast checks.

And finally, We are supposed to be drinking lots of water......I have regressed & forgotten that coffee is NOT the new water........

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