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(Red Rocket Readers were created by Rachel Walker, in New Zealand. The very best example, ever, of "just do it!" and having a vision and systems)

Just do it! is working

I am pleased to announce that my new mantra "just do it!" from my mystery friend, has had dramatic results, from the mundane through to getting goals underway.

I had asked him if he multi tasked, & he smiled & said: "yes, but.........".  

So it was not about doing a multitude of tasks simultaneously, but rather, doing 1 task, finishing it, then doing the next task. 

And thereby doing multi tasks, by doing one after the other. I like that & had been 1/2 heartedly doing it for quite a while, but now am embracing it.

Multitasking can be stressful

It has been found that multitasking has a role to play in degenerative brain conditions, as one gets "old". I suspect it has to do with reducing our ability to focus well, & also because multi tasking stresses the brain. Too much to focus on at once. I know that there are times in our life when we have to multi task whether we want to or not: for example a teacher in a large classroom has to have their mind on so many things at once, so does a mother of young children, nurses, etc. 

And I recall I job I once had when I was the book-keeper, answered phones, served customers (it was a large shop),  then buying stock, quickly flicking from one thing to the next without a break, & coping with endless migraines. Even when I teach yoga classes, although I can focus very well (thanks to yoga & meditation), I baulk at doing postures with the class because it interferes with my focus & the people in the class get a lesser experience.

And, when we are aiming to "get things done" & it's in addition to an already crowded life, that too is  stressful, & I suspect that is one of the reasons why change is so hard. Trying to work things out, make plans or even not know how to make those plans. 

Systems help us reduce stress

When I first wrote "you are unique" as a course, years ago, I had a new baby, no income, & very little time available. But, I had a rough framework that I had already worked out , & I divided that framework into "areas". From there, I wrote (by hand! I had no computer), a little bit of an area at a time. Then a friend wrote it all up on the computer for me. The course was very comprehensive so there was a lot of info that I had to systemise & write out. Lucky for me, I like systems, as they make life easier.

I do aura healing & Maori healing, & with each, I follow a system. With the aura healing, it's two systems that I was taught & then combined, & as I worked this system, my own knowledge emerged to create a more comprehensive system. With the Maori healing, I was taught a system, & I follow it. It totally works. When I teach yoga, I have about three formats that I use, each works very well & gives a lovely class.

How to work out a system

So, when I am working out how to do something, I look for a do-able system. And if the change we are making to our life is something that we want, or need, to do for a long has to be do-able. It has to fit into our life, easily. 

And sometimes, this can mean trying out several things to see what works best for us, in our life. I am going to do that with a few goals. 

For each:

  • I'll have a point A (starting point)
  • & a point B (desired outcome) Even though I know that outcomes can be far greater than we imagine, I'm going to still have a point B written down
  • then, I may have bench marks. A benchmark is like something that shows that what you are doing, working towards your goal, works. An easy example is if you want lose, say, 15 kilos, a benchmark could be 3, or 5, kilos, or fitting into the next size down in jeans.

Vision boards can help keep us focused

Another thing that can help us when we are going for our goals, is a vision board. I was gobsmacked when I went to my daughter-in-law's (Rachel walker) home office. I actually was a bit awed, as she is very successful in what she does: she writes school readers, publishes them, & sells them in New Zealand & overseas. They are for younger children. (Red Rocket is the name of the books) Very inspiring. And she had a home made vision board in her office! Yes! With affirmations. One of the things that Tony Robbins recommends is to see what successful people do & copy it. So, I remembered Rachel's vision board this morning, & thought: I've gotta do it!

So, hopefully, these are some more good ideas to help with goals.

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