Friday, 6 May 2016

more getting it done

I am pleased to announce that my new mantra "just do it!" from my mystery friend, has had dramatic results, from the mundane through to getting goals underway.

I had asked him if he multitasked, & he smiled & said: "yes, but.........".  So it was not about doing a multitude of tasks simultaneously, but rather, doing 1 task, finishing it, then doing the next task. And thereby doing multi tasks, one after the other. I like that & had been 1/2 heartedly doing it for quite a while, but now am embracing it.

It has been found that multitasking has a role to play in degenerative brain conditions, as one gets "old". I suspect it has to do with reducing our ability to focus well, & also because multi tasking is a stressor to the brain. Too much to focus on at once. I know that there are times in our life when we have to multi task whether we want to or not: for example a teacher in a large classroom has to have their mind on so many things at once, so does a mother of young children, nurses, etc. And I recall I job I once had when I was the book-keeper, answered phones, served customers (it was a large shop),  then buying stock, quickly flicking from one thing to the next without a break, & coping with endless migraines. Even when I teach yoga classes, although I can focus very well (thanks to yoga & meditation), I balk at doing postures with the class because it interferes with my focus & the people in the class get a lesser experience.

And, when we are aiming to "get things done" & it's an addition to an already crowded life, that too is a stressor, & I suspect that is one of the reasons why change is so hard. Trying to work things out, make plans or even not know how to make those plans. When I first wrote "you are unique" as a course, years ago, I had a new baby, no income, & very little time available. But, I had a rough framework that I had already worked out , & I divided that framework into "areas". From there, I wrote (by hand! I had no computer), a little bit of an area at a time. Then a friend wrote it all up on the computer for me. The course was very comprehensive so there was a lot of info that I had to systemise & write out. Lucky for me, I like systems, as they make life easier.

I do aura healing & Maori healing, & with each, I follow a system. With the aura healing, it's two systems that I was taught & then combined, & as I worked this system, my own knowledge emerged to create a more comprehensive system. With the Maori healing, I was taught a system, & I follow it. It totally works. When I teach yoga, I have about 3 formats that I use, each works very well & gives a lovely class.

So, when I am working out how to do something, I look for a do-able system. And if the change we are making to our life is something that we want, or need, to do for a long has to be do-able. It has to fit into our life, easily. And sometimes, this can mean trying out several things to see what works best for us, in our life. I am going to do that with a few goals. For each, I'll have a point A (starting point) & a point B (desired outcome). Even though I know that outcomes can be far greater than we imagine, I'm going to still have a point B written down. Then, I may have bench marks. A benchmark is like something that shows that what you are doing, working towards your goal, works. An easy example is if you want lose, say, 15 kilos, a benchmark could be 3, or 5, kilos, or...fitting into the next size down in jeans.

Another thing that can help us when we are going for our goals, is a vision board. I was gobsmacked when I went to my daughter-in-law's (Rachel walker) home office. I actually was a bit awed, as she is very successful in what she does: she writes school readers, publishes them, & sells them in New Zealand & overseas. They are for younger children. (Red Rocket is the name of the books) Very inspiring. And she had a home made vision board in her office! Yes! With affirmations. One of the things that Tony Robbins recommends is to see what successful people do & copy it. So, I remembered Rachel's vision board this morning, & thought: I've gotta do it!

So, hopefully, these are some more good ideas to help with goals.

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