Wednesday, 22 June 2016

30 chic days: day 11; 10 minutes to a better life

In Ponsonby today to teach yoga, a few chores then home. I picked up a copy of Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange, & a book by an American, Lois Johnson, who has been a fashion editor for decades, plus a British magazine for those women who like to dress & live well. I did a close investigation of the fashions of all 3...& yes...there is a big difference between each country's dressing styles. I, of course, shall be following Ines's chic advice. The American advice was just not for me, & the British was too many clothes on at the same time. New Zealand is a fairly casual country, we are 2 islands, & our population is greatly influenced by the sea, because most of us live not too far from the ocean, & we also get outside a lot, & many do sports, so these do reflect in our living & dressing styles.

I also read an advert on a "french chic" blog site about signing up...for a price, of course, to discover the most important 10 minutes of your day, & what to do in those 10 minutes...5 in the morning, 5 at night, to greatly enhance your life & become the woman whom you wish to be. I, of course, shall not be signing up.

To unveil the you whom you would like to be: write it down on a card, with excitement, pride, feeling of accomplishment! Read it before bed & upon waking, with the exact same feelings, even if some days it's an effort to recreate those feelings. Find a photo of yourself, even if it was from years ago, look at it before or after the card, & have the same feelings mentioned. If you don't have a photo, go through magazines until you find a photo of how you would like to be.

We can use this same method for something we would like to do, in order to be the person we would like to be. It honestly makes us make wee changes. Effortlessly. It would take less than 5 minutes each morning & evening. can always expect changes to be greater than what we imagine, because it becomes a gradual process that gains momentum, & in turn creates like an energetic state. Which just keeps going, for as long as we keep doing it. It is now believed that change does take longer than 21 days of doing whatever we are trying to change. 66 days is the new suggested time frame. I have read books by Jon Gabriel who lost over 200lbs using visualisation. He visualised himself with the body of a teenager, & that it what he ended up with. Look at his website, it is amazing. But Jon has said that when he stopped doing his visualisation, he started not eating well, again, so he went back to the visualisation.

We can do the card & photo method to create the chic person we would like to be. What happens is, when we do these things, we create new "thought tracks" in our brain. Then each time that we do it, those tracks become stronger, until they over-ride the existing tracks that we have in our brain about oneself. Since starting Fiona Ferris's ( 30 chic days system, I have already noticed big changes, & others have made remarks about it too. It is not too late to join in! Look at Fiona's site & have a good read about it.

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