Friday, 24 June 2016

30 chic days: day 12: chic shopping

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Today I went through yet another mall looking for a particular cardigan. I finally found it in the last shop ..... at about $170 cheaper than the shop where I spent 3/4 of an hour trying on cardis & woollen pseudo coats. I finally found a lovely light cardi with blue & black interwoven together to create a dark navy, in the shop where the young & chic shop, for cheaper clothes. Whilst I was there, I saw a woman, & thought, oh gosh, she is so chic. It was an old friend, & we spent a couple of hours over coffee & catching up.

So, when we have "our" colours that suit us, & we have decided on "our" neutrals & accent colours, we have also tried on so many clothes that we know what does & doesn't suit, we know the type of "look" that we are after, we know what sort of garment that we want, shopping is way easier. Or not. It was easier in that I can get in & out of stores very quickly, by first scanning a shop to find the type of garment that I'm after, then the colour, then the size. But so much harder, also because I could not find anything in two malls that I liked, &/or, suited!

Today I was definitely unchic. No doubt about it. I felt as though I had "fallen off the wagon". But, as Scarlett O'Hara said: "tomorrow is another day"!

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