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30 chic days: day 3: moving faster

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How to be chic: day 3

Up a bit later than usual today, due to my partaking of internet stalking last night, for hours, about Ines de la Fressange, which mysteriously morphed into stalking Jane Seymour's beauty, exercise & diet routines. 

I watched a few video clips & interviews of both of these ladies, & once I'd handled my beauty envy, I started to notice an interesting pattern. And I've noticed it with Elizabeth Hurley too. 

  • Jane is upfront about watching her diet, but not obsessively & does some exercise, but everything in moderation. 
  • Elizabeth does watch her weight & professes to do just a wee bit of running, which she loathes. Loathe is now my new word for things which I don't like. If you saw how Elizabeth says it, you would want to charismatically say it too.  She also does some bottom clenches & sit-ups. 
  • Ines does not exercise, & being so long (5 feet, 11 inches), she can probably chow down, albeit chicly, more food than a short person
  • and all three also do a lot of different things, within their life. They are all busy women who get results

How to be slim and chic

All three have stayed slim. How can one stay so slim as these ladies & not diet & exercise obsessively? I think it's something that all three have in common: 

  • they all talk very fast
  • & each professes to move fast in their daily lives
Ines talks & moves the fastest, using her whole face, body, & voice, expressively, as well as waving her hands all over the place, as she talks. Chicly of course.

It seems that non-stop movement burns up extra calories during the day. In the USA fitness scene, it is sometimes called fidgeting, & the point is that you frequently stop & do a stretch, or some callisthenics, or something aerobic for a couple of minutes, & have some water too, of course, throughout your waking hours. Moving throughout the day in this way is not actually chic, to me. And I have read, also, of fitness coaches of about 15 years ago, saying things like: "if you want to lose weight, move fast" And although this was pertaining to exercise, it does seem to be a feature in maintaining, & losing, weight.

New focus and what I am doing

So this is something I am emphasising these 30 chic days: moving faster throughout the day. If Ines does it, I am sure that it must be chic. This was my focus today.

What I'm doing is errands, blogging, dog-sitting, getting "stuff" ready for a village market that I'm taking part in this weekend, & teaching a yoga class tonight.


My whole routine went awry very quickly & unexpectedly, this morning. I suddenly left home before morning yoga (so that went by-the-by) & had to skip breakfast.

  • so I had brunch at home a bit later: coffee, a slice of meatloaf & an egg. The moderation here was actually not adding some toast
  • muffin for afternoon tea
  • a small roll with peanut butter a few hours later
  • & dinner was out, after the yoga class: salad, small piece each pumpkin, potato & kumura, a slice of bacon, an egg
  • dessert was 2 small, home cooked, shortbread.

What I wore

  • black, loose fitting, but not baggy, Amy Taylor trousers. I love them so much that I bought a 2nd pair
  • red long sleeved teeshirt, el cheapo from Pagani. It was the only red winter tee that I found in a colour that flattered me
  • black poncho 
  • black ballerinas


What I read: I didn't!! I was so behind with my day that it just did not happen. I did manage to read day 7 of howtobechic blog, 30 chic days, though. And ordered Parisian Chic by Ines, from the library. Ines, of course, being the epitome of parisian chic.

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  1. I admire the same ladies you do - Jane Seymour, Elizabeth Hurley and Ines de la Fressange, among others. I also think moving quickly has something to do with slimness (food is no. 1 of course, I've heard from many sources that it is 80% responsible for our size).


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