Thursday, 16 June 2016

30 chic days: day 5: chic systems

I forgot to record my 30 minutes of yoga yesterday morning followed by 10 minutes of yoga pranayamas (breathing techniques!)

Had breakfast (latte, & porridge filled with chia seeds, cardamon, dried fruit) with a friend after I gave him a yoga class before the crack of dawn. We were talking about systems. I do so love it when someone is on the same wavelength as moi! Because I love systems. And we both agreed that you have a system to get things done in the best way for whatever that thing is. Then, you learn how to just do those things automatically. know how & when to skip bits of the system, or even the whole system, simply because you now know how to get the best result. And you end up doing this, without even having to think about it all.

I have systems for most things, & once I get it right, I either do it, or, in a pinch, I know how to do things differently. And I will try out different things to get a system going, until it's right for the situation. Often I'll make 5% changes, which I've frequently written about, in order to sort something out.

So, I've been working on sorting out my blood sugar due to needing to eat soon after I get up, & sometimes I was waiting for up to 5 hours to eat, what with travel & early morning teaching, showers & getting ready. Which has been a disaster. Sometimes I'll just have a piece of vogels toast & peanut butter, & a big coffee, before I go. However I've been getting suspiciously flemmy with my chest after & this is a sign of intolerance....gggrrrr....but it's ok because peanut butter is probably not chic!

I actually do best when I have a drink with at least 10 grams of protein, before I leave to teach, then eating after a class, & I'm intending to do it when I am having to eat a late dinner. Have a wee shot of this drink about 5pm & wait for the later meal. I use a vegan protein powder, but I have also used Red8 whey, in almond & coconut milk. But to be honest, I could just drink about 300 grams of milk, instead.

And, because I'm doing the 30 days of chic, I'm looking at other things that I do, to see how to chic-orise them.

So, awareness of how I'm doing things, to see how they could be improved, to be....well, to be chic, actually. And effective. My exercise was another brisk trot around the Ponsonby shops, & moving briskly during the day. Reading went out the window, what with taking an early class, Ponsonby shopping, laundromat, library, visitor, picking vege from my lovely garden, watching Lewis via youtube, doing my 3 blogs....a busy day.

Food: breakfast as above. A piece of french bread & a pain de chocolat, from ponsonby french bakery. 3 tiny bliss balls & a cuppa for afternoon tea.  Lamb shank, carrot, parsnip, kumura, onion, garlic & my homemade vegie stock, with a few pieces of the yummy bread.

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  1. All your food sounds so good! I particularly like the sound of your porridge extras, although porridge isn't safe for a gluten-free girl like me.


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