Sunday, 19 June 2016

30 chic days: day 7

At the end of my 1st week, following Fiona Ferris's blog: Fiona has invited people to join onto her 30 days of chic, to commemorate the launch of her new booK; 30 Chic Days.

How have I fared? I am certainly feeling & looking more chic. And I have had some realisations too: a lot of my life is not chic. My home is messy 2 days a week what with tiredness & work & errands, so I want to change that. My diet: I have sincerely worked at being more organised & tried not to snack. Most days I did this, other days....I think that I may have had some snack amnesia. I don't eat enough fruit nor salads. I shall keep working on it & keep trying out this & that for more improvement...... chic improvement. I wear too much black. So I shall gradually work in, over a period of time, some navy. Navy & blues suit me. On the plus side, I have been dressing more chicly. And, working at being chic: it's fun!!! Another realisation, was that dressing's all in the little details. Little things like rolling my cardi sleeves back, just enough to show the colour of the tee or jumper underneath. I also have been walking very briskly, with longer strides, & just generally moving about more. I also realised that I am too reclusive so I have deliberately been getting out & about more. I haven't read much, due to being so busy.

Today I was doing readings, selling posters & kawakawa balms & oils, smudge sticks, & some really chic clothes that my youngest daughter was throwing out. At a market in a seaside village in West Auckland, Little Huia. I did some yoga poses, breathing & meditation before I left, as well as having a smoothie with spirulina, & an oil made up of 3 types of omegas. It was too rich, & I had a bad reaction with a headache & nausea, which lasted all day. So eating chic went out the window for the whole day.

I wore black jeggings; black leather-look, ankle boots like Converse, black cardi, red tee, & crystal necklaces & bracelets....looking the part of a stall holder. It was not the place to be overdressed so I hope that I wasn't. But I did want to look chic. I saw 1 woman there who was chic. In her late 40s, she oozed casual chic, yet somewhat elegant. And I thought how ironic that I was selling my chic daughter's clothes. And I wondered who to give my expensive spirulina & oil to.

I read some of Tish Jett's facebook & website. Tish is the author of Forever Chic, & I was pleased to see that she had some clothes combos with navy.

And whenever I wasn't selling, which was most of the time....I thought about ways to be more chic.

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  1. I love chic sightings and often note down details of the person that I noticed, so that I can be inspired later on. I have them all in one Word document and when I read through it there is a thread of what I admire and I know it is what I want more of in my life.

    I'm sure you were very chic at the market!


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