Saturday, 18 June 2016

30 chic days: day 6

Forgot to record what I wore yesterday: black silky trousers, black ballerinas. black poncho, teal merino jumper. I am now so aware that nearly everything that I wear is black! From doing the 30 chic days. So I popped into an op shop yesterday, which I now know can be chic, thanks to Ines de la Fressange, & found some antique looking (but not actually antique), dangling earings with a tiny bit of pink glass, some black patent leather high heels. Now I do know that black patent leather might not be chic, but I have always loved it. And a very nice apricot longish cardi in a lightweight fabric. Perfect! I have spent a long time today trying to figure out what to wear so that I am not in so much black. I went to a talk with Camellia. So it took me about 1 hour to decide what to wear! Blue distressed jeggings, muted royal blue jumper, black ballerinas just because no other shoes suited, & a very bright, old, tie dyed, red & pink, silky type scarf that I twirled into a thin shape first. I have had it for over 25 years. I went to a talk where people may, or may not, be dressed up. (as usual, it turned out that I was, actually, overdressed....)

Camellia has told me to use dark blue eyeliner when I'm wearing black, to soften how I look. I think that everyone needs a Camellia in their life.

I also dyed my hair: no 6, light ash brown, which was recommended by a hairdresser & also by a colour stylist (colour me beautiful type). Yesterday I also had a hair trim... a bit too much came off, unfortunately. My hair is straight, baby fine, & doesn't hold a blow dry, so the best that I can ever hope for is a decent cut. Last week Camellia did my eyebrows, blue black, & it does look nice. I wouldn't have coloured my hair that day, as I like to do small changes at a time, which I feel is not such a shock for one's dearest &'s a gradual change rather than a big one whereby you suddenly look different.

What I ate: small piece of baguette & coffee for breakfast, 1/2 a small banana a few hours later, lunch at a french cafe in Browns bay, Auckland. A small pastry thing with ham & scallops...not too much, & a bit of cheese sauce. Tea. It was amazing. Dinner was leftovers from last night - lamb, kumura, parsnip, carrot & curly cabbage from the garden. 3 yummy bran biscuits.

What I read: a few sites on facebook regarding french chic. A busy day, so not much spare time.

Movement: is racing at top speed across the countryside because you're late, movement? But I did yoga, breathing, meditation too.

My focus for the day was that I am quite set in my ways. As Raquel Welch says that she is....I feel that it's ok.  My focus was also on the talk by Dr Pooja that I was at this afternoon, on women & hormones, which was excellent. I ran into a former student there, which was so special. And I was focused on being chic. Of course.

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