Wednesday, 22 June 2016

how to be chic: 30 chic days, day 10: memory habits

An at-home day, cleaning, after I had made myself look nice, of course! Early morning yoga. A guest, a sleep, then off to teach an evening class, followed by dinner with the students, who are also dear friends, which is always lovely to do. Of course.

I realised today one of the reasons why french people eat food in season. I had some papaya for breakfast. It would have been imported, & therefore, irradiated! What was I thinking? Memories of papaya for breakfast in Bali a few years ago had overshadowed good sense. It was horrible. I had a mandarin for afternoon tea, with cheese & crackers......that was delicious.

My focus on today was doing & recording some yoga routines...on paper, & catching up with people via messenger. Like any other job, there is always extra work to be done "behind the scenes", even for a yoga teacher. But I love it, all of it, & I do believe that it is tres chic to be doing what you love.

Tomorrow I am up before the birds, & off to teach again, in the dark. I have a routine of getting everything together for the next day, including anything I need to do, which I write in my diary, & I do it before bed. It saves time & reduces stress. I have done this for years, except when I know that I have a day of not working, & can sleep in...for an extra 30 minutes.

When I was quite young, I read that Einstein never remembered his phone number. He wrote it down, instead, as he felt that he had other more important things that he preferred to remember. I took it on board, & aim to write most things down, in my case, in my diary, or my book of yoga routines, rather than having to remember everything. And Paul McKenna, nlp practitioner & hypnotist, says that one of the ways to be smarter, is to always put things in the same place, which I was happy to read, as I have always done this. Mainly, I confess, so that I don't get crabby because of not being able to find things!

Apparently, & I learnt this tonight, there are 4 steps to remembering where we have put things. Unfortunately my friend could only remember 2 of them: when you put something down, reach across your body, for example reach over your body towards the left, with your right hand, then mentally "take a picture" of where you have put the object.

Another way is to make our brain more alert, & this is an easy way to do it: inhale through your nose, then exhale forcefully out of your mouth which you have made into a hard "bird's beak", going "shoo! shoo! shoo!" (that's what it sounds like) 3-6 times for one inhale. Do a few times, but never, ever, in the evening, as it really wakes up the brain & makes sleep impossible. In waking up the brain, it does make memory better.

These are just little ways to make life easier.

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