Friday, 7 October 2016

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I'm often quite mesmorised by the absolute loveliness of some people. And yet, it has nothing to do with being beautiful. A way of smiling, of laughing, of caring. The way some people's face just light up when you see them. Their inner attractiveness, it just beams right out of them. And it is so magical. This is true loveliness & is beyond a person's looks. Allowing our inner attractiveness to shine forth, is to me, the way to be the most attractive one can be.

What do you think? Who do you know like this? You will have inner attractive qualities too. And, it can be a bit of a quest to allow it to shine, & indeed, to even realise what our own inner qualities are, that people fall in love with. One of the best ways that I have found to allow one's inner attractiveness to shine, is to associate with people who make you feel good. Not with compliments & so forth, no, just those people whom you can be yourself with. Your nice self.

A couple of years ago, I just quietly, discreetly, bit by bit, moved my presence away from people who kept criticising myself & others. I did the 5%, know, make changes 5% at a time. That way I didn't feel "bad" separating myself. And it made heaps of space for people who did care about me & whom I also cared deeply for.

I'm not always sure why we do these things: keep on trying in uncomfortable situations. Sometimes I think that we are just really nice people, so we keep on trying to get situations to work. Other times we feel guilty about thinking of moving ourselves away from toxic situations. On the plus side, though, when we do discreetly slip away, it breaks the bonds between us & others which are not beneficial. And, importantly, because it's done nicely, quietly, those friendship bonds can be resumed when situations are better.

Then, when we do meet, that inner attractiveness can shine forth from our eyes, our smiles, our body language. Because we are glad to see the other person.

When I was a child, I was inspired by the story of Pollyanna. The little girl who had lost both parents & came to live with her aunt. Pollyanna always saw the magic in everything. She was glad for people who had good things happen for them, & she was loving. I sort of took it on as my "creed" & earnestly tried to be like Pollyanna. I bet I wasn't like that all the time! All children are beautiful, that magic & trust & love shines out off them. And it can too as an adult, people with that inner attractiveness, they have those similar attributes: they can see the good in situations & in others, & they appreciate this. They are loving. They are caring. With this creates a magic that we want to be around.

And this nothing to do with our "looks". It has to do with our own innate nature.

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