Thursday, 16 February 2017

on being disorganised

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Woe is me

Disorganisation had set in. I was aghast! 

  • too much work
  • too much socialising
  • too much just doing things 
  • and too little time, 

had lead to:

  • too little work done
  • and too much mess 

So I had to rethink my habits. Although I would just love to be this impulsive, extroverted person who rushes around doing charismatic and chic things, that is so not my life.

My disorder.... creates more disorder

Or, is this just me?

When I am stressed and either work late or waste time on social media or indulge in Netflix late at night, I then wake up late. As you do. So better sleep habits are in order. Then when I'm up late....everything gets all muddled up in the morning. I'm the sort of person who has a routine and I am always happier when I stick to it.

But, somehow, I had forgotten that I was this organised person.......

I do prefer to be organised

And, when I'm travelling, I have to adjust a bit, but even so, I still like to be systematic. You would think that being this way would make a person boring, however it greatly reduces stress and allows us more free time in the long run. I really don't like being late, nor messy in my appearance.

I also don't like grabbing food here and there. I don't like it because it just isn't good for our hormones, which rely on some degree of regularity to work well. For example, when I wake up late in the morning, I know that the sleep hormone, melatonin, is having a hard time within my body system. It needs dark for us to sleep, and it gets turned off when we are exposed to light.

So when we are still asleep with sunlight streaming in through the curtains, we are sending conflicting messages to our hormonal system. On the one hand, we should be secreting melatonin because we are asleep, and on the other hand, the sunlight is telling us that melatonin should be turned off and serotonin should be turned on. Serotonin is an awake hormone.

And of course there are times when we must have late nights and do need to sleep in ... but .... netflix? ... really? (yes ....really....)

Mornings are my best times

And I generally work from home. With:

  • getting up later
  • doing meditation
  • having a quick walk, 
  • then breakfast
my work has been suffering. For me, this is the most bothersome part of it all. I am having massive doses of work guilt. Or, non-work guilt really.

So, back to being more regular:

  •  with sleep habits
  • waking up
  • eating breakfast sooner rather than later, 
  • no nibbling after tea. Apparently, there is a part of the brain which controls circadian rhythms, the hypothalamus, and, it is responsible for late night hunger. So, obviously, the thing to do is to not be up late so that you don't then get hungry.......

But it caused me to ponder if this is one of the reasons why the french eat later in the evening than many other countries: because we are going to be hungry then.  I work late one night a week, so I need an early dinner then, but otherwise I am trialling a later evening meal. As part of reorganising my disorganised spree, I also am working really hard at not snacking, and, mostly, it's working.

                                   Image result for old film stars waking up in the morning
                      (waking up joyfully to start a new day)

So, new regime: 

  • up earlier
  • meditation
  • walk
  • shower
  • breakfast
  • quick tidy of wee abode
  • then work!

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                    (ready to work on the computer)

  • turn off and put away computer each evening after tea, so that I can't be seduced by it late in the evening, nor first thing in the morning. 
  • no daytime nibbling
                                    Image result for vintage film stars in bed attire
                  (after my toilette, ready for bed)


  • la toilette
  • quick tidy of wee abode 
  • and lay out clothes
  • a few yoga poses 
  • meditation
  • slumber

Then, when something does come up unexpectedly, and le routine has to be interrupted, it will be exciting, out of the norm.

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