Thursday, 21 September 2017

Spring has sprung

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Signs of spring

We are officially into spring, here in New Zealand. It has been heralded by the usual: 

  • daffodils, jonquils and freesias (all of which I adore)
  • lambs frolicking
  • my plum tree has come out in beautiful flowers
  • my back yard has been visited by a lot of birds, especially native birds. How special.

And to further celebrate the rolling over from the cold to the warmer and sunnier, we have been experiencing:

  • extreme cold
  • thundering storms with lightning, hail
  • and thick, heavy rain

We have been deluged.

But today it is a proper spring day! Sun, warmth, birds chirping. I can feel it! I also feel lighter, and happier, and something about spring is that for some mysterious reason, I always feel more hopeful.

A special time To Get Things Done

Spring is the ideal season to start putting into practice all the ideas and plans that we have been waiting to start on, or procrastinating about.

It's the best season for this, for me, as spring seems to have an energy that promotes movement of all sorts. 

The Quickening

It always reminds me of A Quickening. A Quickening is when energy builds up before something happens. Usually because we have put thought, plans, and effort into it. 

But nature has her own way of expressing everything, and she too has a time and place for her own Quickening. That time is spring.

So I have been looking at my options for 

  • working
  • learning
  • creating 
  • with the attitude of Just Do It! Whether plans are in place or not (some plans are in place, thankfully).

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      I live in West Auckland; it has beautiful beaches and walks

We want to move more

And, somehow, we start to want to move more outside, in spring, so I'm looking at ways to incorporate this into my life. A very early morning walk in a howling gale, or in the freezing dark, in winter, had no appeal for me. 

But to walk in the early part of the day when the weather is not so severe, is magical. There is more prana, more life-force in the wee hours, we feel more at one with nature. A lovely time of day. Especially if it is when dawn is breaking.

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The Red Sun

Because it is less cloudy in spring, daybreak and the rising sun, are more visual. I like to meditate on the red sun, first thing each morning. This was often not possible in winter... because I couldn't see it! The red sun, somehow also brings hope, the hope of a good new day. Seeing it also calms nerve centres in the head. I do believe that being up and about as the new day emerges, whether or not one is meditating, just by virtue of life-force, and the peacefulness of that time of day, also brings about peace, and hope.

How to meditate on The Red Sun

  1. When the sun is still low in the sky, and is red, gaze at it. This takes maybe up to fifteen seconds, often less. 
  2. Then close your eyes, look up at the after image of the red sun. It might not actually just be the sun, it could also be the colours of daybreak.
  3. The colours will recede, but we can just keep looking either slightly upwards, or just straight ahead. Thoughts will come... let them come... and let them go. 
  4. Be relaxed throughout. Stay in this space until you feel like opening your eyes.

The slight looking upwards, also lifts our mood. As does simply allowing our thoughts to come and go.

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