Friday, 15 December 2017

Countdown to Christmas: being organised

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A light-hearted look at the Christmas season

How can one possibly be organised in the pre-Christmas season? Is one ever? As I sit here writing I realise how social I've been, having wee Christmas catch-ups here, there, and everywhere,.... and I suddenly realise that I haven't done any present shopping.


Panic! I did however decide to clear out some belongings and so I got stuck into emptying out my storage shed. Is that organised, or what? And, does it actually have anything to do with Christmas? (No, it doesn't)

How do people do it? You know, those amazing people who buy lots of thoughtful presents, socialise, make a Christmas steamed pudding and Christmas cake ahead of time, and on the day they cook a massive meal in the sweltering heat? With home-made pavlova, of course (I am just fantasising here that everyone has what I would like to have).  And look good and be calm and reasonable whilst they do it all.

Who are these people? Well, they are women, obviously. And they are not me. I am amazed how unorganised one can be when one has more time in which to actually be organised. I was always more organised when I had very little time, being a working mum. Maybe because I knew how important Christmas was to my children.

But I have never, ever, made a Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, pavlova nor trifle. I am not a great cook so I always felt that it was more important for the good cooks to showcase their talents. I have children and grandchildren who are phenomenal cooks, so I'm really happy to sit back, praise, and be grateful for their efforts.  Three sneaky methods that us non-cooks have down pat. Especially at Christmas.

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