Sunday, 17 December 2017

Christmas celebrations and tipples

A more sombre/sober look at the Christmas season

I have never, ever been to a work Christmas "do" (kiwi parlance for a party), where alcohol flowed freely. For that, I am truly grateful, as I don't drink alcohol. But what if you would like a little tipple, but not a big one? I saw a friend at a party who carried around her half-glass of wine, with a strawberry floating in it. When I asked her about it, she laughed and said how she had just had a small amount of wine, then quietly kept topping it up with water.  Great hint! I suppose that someone like me could just have lemonade with a lovely strawberry in it, and then keep topping up with water.....

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Things have changed, here in the good ole En of Zed (n.z. = New Zealand). In my childhood it did seem as though alcohol consumption, mainly in the form of beer, was a national sport. How sad it must have been for the mums over Christmas (and the rest of the year....). Dealing with Dad's who had hangovers - and we all know how pleasant that can make some people! And dealing too with the lack of money that came from someone in the family's heavy drinking.

Nowadays, people drink far less alcohol, a bit of wine, or a couple of beers, or usually no alcohol, at family gatherings. SO much nicer for everyone, especially the children. I expect that we shall be having coconut water, maybe some sparkly in the form of appletize or grapetize, and these are both non-alcoholic. And water crammed with herbs like mint, vegetables like cucumber, and summer fruit. (of course, this is me again doing my Christmas wish thing) All cold, because it's summer here. And maybe a small tipple of wine or a few cold beers.

I go to many occasions where there is absolutely no alcohol. And with immediate family - we usually don't even think of having any booze-type drinks. We all enjoy ourselves at get-togethers.

And, whatever you choose to quench your thirst over this season - I hope that you too enjoy yourselves.

p.s. I have actually been a bit, you know, concerned, about Santa when he is Doing His Santa Thing whilst Down Under (New Zealand and Australia). Apparently he often gets left some wine or a beer.

What does he do with it all? Does he tip it into the pot plants? Throw it out the window? Give it to the dog? Or (gasp!) quaff it all?

Worrying to be sure.

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