Tuesday, 12 December 2017

countdown to christmas: gifts

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The preparations for Christmas Day are usually always frenetic and stressed. But need they be? Can they be happy and peaceful?

How can we make it so? I am thinking today of presents. In my family (my own descendants: children (one is a grandmother!), grandchildren (aged from 29 to 16), and great grandchild, the task of present -giving decisions was taken over by the eldest of the grandchildren, and my youngest child. Such is life. One must step aside for the upcoming generations, and these are the generations to whom Christmas, presents, and such, really matter.

A few years ago, the aforesaid generation had us all buying secret santa presents. For which I was exceptionally grateful, because as family grows, we get more people entering the family fold. Partners of the family members, which of course leads to... more children. Our family is now quite big. With secret santa, there is an amount that one spends on one only family member, & yes it is actually all quite secret. And fun.

This year it looks like we are doing a Present Box, sort of like secret santa, but a bit more unisex. Meaning that we will be doing a lucky dip so the present must suit young, or older, male or female. I think that this will be interesting. We shall still only be organising only 1 present, and it does require thought.

Plus there are secret santa gifts amongst friends, often costing only $10, and often based on hilarity.

Thoughtful gifts are the most meaningful, whether the intent is to provide laughter, or to fullfill  someone's dreams..  I propose that we endeavour, if we have not yet finished our present buying, to bring thoughtfulness to the forefront of gift giving. It is rewarding to the person who receives the present, plus the giver.... and anything rewarding is less stressful, and makes us happier.

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