Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Staying calm in the Christmas Season

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This is certainly the time of year when tempers fray, and we become intolerant. Whereas, in reality, it could be a time of good cheer.

It is a time when partnerships, such as marriage, family, and friendships can undergo immense pressure. And it is not pleasant to be on the receiving end of it.

How can we ensure that we do not turn snappy, and create problems? I often remember a catchphrase that has been repeated innumerable times over the decades, from World War 2. It was apparently on a safety poster:

                       "Keep calm and carry on"

This advice was given to the British in a time when food was very scarce, children were being sent into the countryside to live with strangers for their own safety, men were fighting in a war, and the country was being bombed relentlessly.

That people did this under those severe conditions, is inspiring. I think that it is lovely to follow the advice from those times. It is a more gracious and kinder way of living. And makes everyone's Christmas much nicer.

 And finally........ the last word on coping with Christmas pressure:

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