Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Warm weather food

Yes! The warmer weather has arrived. And with it, a few changes in le regime (my diet, aka what I eat). I really get miserable eating salads and cold food in the colder months, but, surprisingly, am quite happy to eat warm soups in summer. Mainly because they can be light soups. And warmer weather also means lighter food for me.

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I've been making an uncooked muesli for breakfast, and soaking it in any sort of milk (cow, almond, rice,etc) whilst I do a wee bit of yoga in the mornings. I use what I have:
  • ordinary rolled oats
  • oatbran
  • wheatgerrn
  • LSA (ground almonds, sunflower seeds and linseeds) you can buy it in a supermarket
  • I also add vegetarian protein powder
You can also use:
  • dried fruits (which are too sugary for me), so I don't use them
  • raw or toasted pumpkin seeds
  • chia seeds
  • any nuts that you like
  • coconut
I just make a mix, pop it into a container, and leave it in the fridge. Enough for about two weeks. And I only use two heaped dessertspoonfuls at a time, as it's so filling. I also add yoghurt, and fresh fruit.

I have a cooked muesli, too. Although I would actually call it granola. Granola is cooked, and muesli (used to be) uncooked. And I sometimes have this. It's so easy.
  • one and a half cups of rolled oats. I don't use the steel cut for this, I just use ordinary Scotch Oats 
  • I have also done one cup of oats and a half cup of wheatgerm instead, so I would just use whatever you please
  • three quarters of a cup of LSA. Again, you can use whatever you want here with nuts and seeds. 
  • one tablespoon of fat: ghee, coconut oil, oil
  • one tablespoon of sweetener: honey or maple syrup
Melt the honey and oil (coconut and maple is rather delicious) in your roasting dish at a lowish heat, about 150 - 175 degrees Centigrade. Then take it out, and add the other ingredients, mixing them well. This doesn't take too long to cook, but I keep taking it out, and stirring it so that it browns easily. Light golden brown is the best colour, if you let it go longer, it burns really quickly. You can add dried fruit after it's cooked.

Drink your greens

I also like green drinks. I crave greens. Every time I go past the fridge, I am grabbing whatever is green and uncooked, and having a munch. Lettuce, celery, asparagus. I was recently waiting for someone outside a cafe, and noticed the cafe herb box outside. Munch, munch. Then I got told off.......
  • water, coconut water, if you have okay blood sugar, you might handle some fruit juice
  • green leaves. I have also used frozen spinach, but whatever you have is fine
  • extras like cucumber, parsley. Whatever you have
  • you can add fruit too: banana, apple, half each or whole, berries. Whatever you have (this is sounding like a new mantra) 
  • you could add a bit of super greens powder like vegetable powder, or antioxidant powder which really is pink and red food powder
  • ice is optional but not for me, I don't like freezing food
You can make just a small amount, and whizz it in your blender or nutribullet. You can make a fair bit, cover it, and keep it in the fridge. 

Drink your fruit and/or greens at breakfast

You can also use something like almond milk instead of water, and add some vegetable protein, for a breakfast smoothie. To make it more substantial, you could add chia seeds, or LSA. You could emphasise the fruit, or the vegetables, or a bit a both. The permeation are truly endless.

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Chickpeas, Indian street-style

When I was on a radio show on Saturday mornings, I would go to the food hall next to it, for lunch. All sorts of Asian food, cooked on the spot. And a lovely Indian lady would rustle up this dish for me. Keeping in mind that I'm allergic to tomatoes, there are none in this dish, but you could add them, and you could also add a touch of chilli powder.

  • cooked chickpeas (out of a can is fine)
  • yoghurt
  • tamarind chutney to taste. You can also add a bit of mint chutney. Or just use any chutney (use what you have)
  • my special dish always had chopped cucumber, and sometimes thinly sliced shallots. You could use red onion, and any other available vegetables
  • left over diced potato is nice as an option, too. Even sauteed first is nice.
  • my dish always had lots of chopped coriander, which I love. If you have parsley, chives, basil, mint, you could use these instead
  • some cumin powder, not much
  • some salt
  • if you want to be really creative you could sprinkle some roasted pumpkin seeds over the top before serving
  • my mix was: chickpeas, tamarind chutney - not much, salt, cucumber, coriander, cumin
  • mix and enjoy. Eat slowly and savour.
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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

the secret is...

What is The Secret?

No, no, not the Secret in the book entitled The Secret. Not one of my favourite books, by the way. It's just too greedy for me. And, in a round-about-way, I find the whole darned thing to be too blamey: "If only one had focused on drawing....... into their life, then ........ would have happened, and .......wouldn't have happened".

So easy. And to me, so silly. And, a few of the people in the book, those amazing people who had it all sorted, apparently. At the time of the book going to print, some of them came to grief. They did the opposite of whatever ethics something like The Secret should have imparted. And things did not work out.

Secret #1

I'm not saying that, therefore the "wisdom" imparted in that book, doesn't work. I am however, saying, why not use what we have, in life?

Why not learn how to be happy with what there is? When we are relying on what we want, in order to be happy, then we shall never be truly happy.

Sad fact.

Secret #2

And, it seems that this is all tied in with gratitude. For, when we are grateful, we mysteriously are happier.

There is another secret, #3

The secret of anything is in the Doing of "It". What is "It"? "It" is whatever we are doing, and seeing as I made rude comments about The Secret book and method, I shall look at it from this angle.

Suppose we want something to happen? And being me, I actually, really, want it all done yesterday. But the sane part of me knows that will never happen. That voice of reason inside of me, knows that I truly do need to do things, for Whatever to happen.

Seeing as I don't want:
  • a fancy car
  • big house by the ocean (but I would settle for renting a wee abode on the seashore)
  • to be rich and famous (but humble and kind!)
  • etc
I therefore shall look at what I do want. One of the things, is to be more slender. And it is happening. But, oh so slowly. (gggrrr) What am I going to do to change things?
  • can I visualise it happening and attract it to me? Visualisation definitely helps. Messages do get through to our pysche and our body, that this would be a good idea. And I have found it easier to do the things that I need to do, and "think" the way that I need to think, to get to my goal, by doing visualisation about the weight loss. So, yes, definitely this part of The Secret does work. But for me, not on it's own. And I have found that I need to be very disciplined, and keep remembering to do visualisation.
  • maybe a vision board? Sadly, for me, this hasn't really helped too much in the past. But again, that's just moi. It could be that I wasn't doing it right, for me. However, I love books! So I made vision folders, which have been helping me, but, meh, not much.
  • affirm to The Universe that I would like to be more slender, thank you very much. Right now. I love this, and it has helped me heaps. But I shall be honest. Very honest. I don't demand it. I don't even ask for it. I mean, does The Universe even have time to do this for me? In between creating new galaxies and such? Is my weight a Universe priority?
Instead I state that I do certain things, pertaining to weight loss. And this is what has been of the most benefit to me.

Because what works for me, is that perhaps, perchance, I really do need to actually do whatever is needed to lose that darned weight? Botheration!

The special secret gives us mana

I think that this is the real secret. We actually have to do something/s to achieve. Because a lot of things in life, are about the process of doing. That's the learning curve. That's where and how we get mana (personal power). From doing, and learning, and growing, or in my case I would prefer a type of shrinking, but you get the drift.

secret #4

                   Related image

secret #5

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I also feel that we need to attach love to The Doing Of. It is such a strong force, and fills up a lot of space so that it's quite hard for the negative aspects towards our goals, our dreams, to take a hold and thereby make it hard for things to happen in a positive way.

Secret #6

For myself, I often feel that several secrets, working in tandem with each other, give a massive push towards It, the goal, the dream. After all no man is an island, nor, and this is just me, is one secret an island. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Recovery and preparation

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          (the altar for our recent three heart chakras workshop)

Recovery and preparation from and for what?


This weekend I was one of two teachers on a yoga seminar. It was "The Call of The Heart", and was about the three heart chakras. My friend, Linsey Smith, the other teacher, is very lovely, and we both combine our Maori Lore, each of us is learning a different aspect from the other, with yoga. So, it's very special for us doing these seminars. This is our second collaboration.

Linsey has an amazing yoga studio, quite some distance from where I live. Same city. Auckland is very sprawled out, so it can take a fair while, even on the motorways, to get places. For many years. I had previously taken weekend seminars, at least two a month, and day workshops, for most of the year. Plus been a teacher on at least one residential retreat, and taught quite a few classes each week. Very busy.

Next, I had several years where I just took about thirteen classes a week, travelling far and wide around Auckland, to do so. The travelling was the stressful part. And took a few small workshops each year. Plus did healing, and clairvoyant readings.

Then, I completely removed myself from public life. For many reasons. Stopped the workshops, stopped doing public classes, and just did a few privates, healing, and only a few readings. I was never, ever going back into public life again.

But, I have resumed public life. I've stepped back into taking a few workshops. I don't feel the need to do many; I've done that before. I also go to many weekend workshops to learn Maori Ancient Lore. Once a month, for over a year, I do a day's clairvoyant readings at a friend's Crystal and Healing fair.

And, I often forget, that the day after any of these, that I am exhausted. I need to go into recovery mode. I guess that it's my own form of Monday-itis.

How I recover
  • I do sleep in, the morning after, which is usually Monday. Because I need the extra sleep
  • I aim to have as few things as possible, which I "have" to do. This doesn't always happen, I must admit. Especially as I donate my time to a healing clinic on Monday evenings. Luckily, I usually get a healing myself.....
  • If I've been sitting for hours, I wake up with a sore back, and very, very, stiff. Not a pretty sight. So I do a few yoga flexibility movements with a special breath to wake up the mind and body. Takes, oh, maybe five minutes. And a few wall stretches, because, well, I am so stiff. I don't do "proper" yoga, because in these moments, my body is too sore.
  • I usually am "over" doing meditation on this day. I am meditated out, already. I feel as though I need the normal stresses of life, to balance me out.
  • I swing into careful mode with my diet. And drink more water. 
  • I don't talk much, as I find that it uses up my energy. 
  • But I do plaster on a smile. It does make me good.
  • I am incredibly grateful that I usually don't have do the cleaning up afterwards. 
  • I thank the Universe for allowing me to do these things that I do, and to feel enriched, and happy.

                    Image may contain: 14 people, people smiling, people standing

(second from left at our three hearts seminar. Yes, I am quite short)


I am very organised with preparing for all of the above things that I might be doing: a day's clairvoyant readings; attending a Maori workshop (it's called a Wananga); taking a yoga workshop; travelling to teach yoga:

  • for the readings, I have my tarots just in case. I seldom use them, but I take them
  • for Wananga, I have workbook and pens ready the night before
  • for teaching, if there are any hand-outs, I prepare them first. Along with pens. I don't need to take much, and certainly no notes for myself, as I only teach what I do know
  • I check tyres, oil, water, petrol, the day before, especially if I need to travel
  • if I need to take food, I have it all ready to go, the night before
  • I go to bed early, and toss and turn all night, falling fast asleep in time for the alarm to go off. I just do this bizarre ritual, I don't know why
  • I get my clothes ready the night before, then go into a mild frenzy the next morning, pulling out all of my clothes, in a whirlwind of indecision and panic. Yet another bizarre ritual
  • I get up early enough to do some yoga, yoga breathing and meditation. And some Maori chants pertinent to whatever I'm going to be doing (they are called karakia). The yoga and chants give me energy and focus for the day
  • I have a light yet nourishing breakfast
  • and coffee. Of course. I do need coffee. It's part of The Ritual

Thursday, 25 October 2018

The Void

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Tim Ferriss and The Void

I saw a comment by an interesting man, Tim Ferriss, who researches and writes about "things" to be and do: be healthier; exercise; diet; mind stuff and work only 4 hours a week.

He said that when we concentrate only on fixing the negative, we create a void. We should be focusing on the positive.

Tim is mega famous and rich, he is quoted by all of The Best People too, so I am assuming that he is correct. Actually, I really like what he says, and writes. Most of it is not Me, but I still appreciate and enjoy what he does.

So, what is he talking about? And how does it apply to us?  Do we even need it to apply to us?

Nature abhors a vacuum

For me, it always helps to simplify things, and not make things "special", but instead make them practical.  So, perhaps, we can look at this in a more practical and easier way:

A great fact of life, is that nature, in all of her forms and glory, does indeed abhor a vacuum. A vacuum being a void; an empty space. And something will come to fill that space, if we do not fill it in ourselves, for that it is how nature works.

People always say that something negative will always fill that space. But, will it? I have had many a time in my life, when things were not as they should have been, and I have not known what to do. I might have just waited to see what would happen, or ignored the situation, in the hope that it would get better.

And sometimes, things did indeed get better. But not always. When I didn't give the situation any "negative" energy, when I didn't fret, but just accepted the situation, and then withdrew my energy from it, things often just sorted themselves out. I should add, that in my heart, I always wish for the best outcome, and I do think that this helps.

our inner power

So, sometimes, I do feel that we need to let a situation run it's course. Sometimes it's just not up to us, to sort out other people's problems. When we keep doing this, we are taking away another's personal power: the inner power that they could have had by sorting out things for themselves.

how to make The Void

I noticed that whenever I kept focusing, in one way or another, on the negative, the problem, I left an empty space. A space which often was not mine to fill. 

I left that space free, empty. That space which was the void. I forgot that it was there. But, it was there. It was always waiting to be filled, with
  • hope
  • heart
  • faith
and sometimes, I just never saw it. So it didn't get filled with the correct things. These days, I consciously let it be. I try to remember that this void is there, on the side, waiting for the correct things to happen, just being. And that my best intentions will help it grow.

                   Related image

the space which should be there

Actually, I really filled up all of the available spaces, forgetting that there was this space that should have been, and I wonder if this was what Tim was referring to. I don't truly know, because I now can't find the article.

There was, at the start of the problem, a space. I see it as The Space, The Void, whereby I could have done something positive, about the situation.

Misuse of niceness

Now, I don't necessarily mean being nice and smiling happily, pretending that things are okay, whilst I tried to sort the problem out. No, I used to do that, and honestly, it always made the problems worse.

I found out the hard way in life, that nice isn't always the best option.

I wish it was. I really, totally, wish that it was. To be honest, that is still always my best option. Because it makes me feel better, the other person feel better, and it has more grace. More heart. More caring.

And I've always been mystified, and quietly angry, when people act and talk sweetly, whilst having poisonous intent. Being so nice. How could we not believe them? I just never know what to do, in these instances. And I really dislike myself for even being there.

negativity can be consuming

And, when a situation is negative, it fills up all of our space. Consumes our mind, controls our feelings, makes our heart heavy. And, sometimes it seems like a whirlwind of Other Bad Things also happening, to magnify the difficulty of it all.

All in all, the complete opposite of a beautiful void, waiting to be filled with good things. Instead, a big, sucking, negative, whirlwind. So overwhelming.

What can we do instead?

When nice isn't working, sometimes we have to not be mean, as such, but we need to be firm.  Resolute. It has taken me most of my life to stop being overly "nice".

But actually doing something about it; that's the key. Even if we just "let things be" and have faith and hope that things will work out. I don't think it matters if we are not "successful" in the way that we do something about a negative situation. Experience has taught me that:
  • caring
  • our intent
are what really matter. Even if we get it wrong, the damage to ourselves, and to others, is not as bad if we care, and our intent has honour and integrity.
Then we have the opposite of that void which we have filled up with stressing over our negative situation. 

We then have an empty space in which more positive things can happen; and grow. 

"It may not happen overnight, but it will happen" (to quote Rachel Hunter)

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

What I do with my life

This is not a fripperies post. It's about a passion, a lifestyle, of mine. 

I learn Maori healing, and ancient teachings, and have been doing this for about ten years.

What is a Maori?

The indigenous people of New Zealand, are Maori, and Polynesian. One of the most interesting facets of the Maori race, is that the ancient teachings of the culture have been preserved and handed down through time. There is also an healing modality.

What is Maori healing?

It consists mainly of 

  • Romiromi: this involves the pressure points of our body, plus deep tissue massage, and manipulations. It works not only on our body, but also on our health, our emotions and our energy. 
  • Mirimiri includes light massage, talking with the client. Both therapeutic in their own right.

12 day journey of spiritual learning and healing

The group which I belong to, Te Maurea, is holding a residential journey of Maoritanga. Maoritanga is  Maori culture, traditions, and way of life, in conjunction with Kawai Pura Pura. 

Some of the traditions on this journey, are indeed, little known. Such as
  • Maori martial arts 
  • Maori astronomy
  • Maori healing. On this journey, we are teaching the first two levels of our Healing courses. With expert training and guidance
  • Ancient Maori philosophy. Original teachings, going back through the mists of time.

And there is more
  • visiting ancient Maori sites
  • taking part in traditional ritual
  • some of the course is in the beautiful archipelago, our Bay of Islands.
The link to the information about the journey, is here
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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Birthday month

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I truly believe in The Ancient Art Of Making One's Birthday Last For Quite A While.

In fact, I encourage it.

And this year, which was a Big number, I celebrated with:

  • 3 cafe jaunts
  • 1 family and friends soiree
  • 3 dinners out
  • lots of presents, despite my "no presents" decree
  • a birthday massage with a top healer
  • 3 floral bouquets
  • 4 birthday cakes
  • a complete pile of new summer clothes from one of my daughters
  • sketchers slip on summer shoes from a grand-daughter
  • and a big hair appointment from my other daughter

A good and delicious time, overall. And, a good-looking one, too.

But, there is more happening in the way of celebrating. Lucky me. I am so going to celebrate my birthday again next year. In many years past, I have just skipped the whole birthday thing. But now, I am enjoying the fun of it all. 

Astrology hints

And I had a birthday gift of an astrology overall reading for the rest of my year, birthday to birthday, plus a more detailed six month reading. So, my astrologer, actually my eldest daughter, has always said that, astrologically - wise, however our birthday is on the actual day, does influence the rest of our year. 

And, I have found this to be so true. I have had many a blewh year, when my birthday was ho-hum. 

So, despite the two celebrations that I had on my actual birthday, it looks as though this year is more of the same as before but a bit more serious. And, it all bodes well for more of what I already do:

  • writing
  • teaching deep yoga, which will be seminars
  • more indepth study with Maori healing
  • clairvoyant work
  • lots of family time

So, this is over the next six months. Some problems, but, hey, that's life. I am quite excited, though, at this solar year (birthday to birthday)

Thursday, 4 October 2018

dance our worries away

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This week is inspired by a young dancer from Atamira dance company. A couple of weeks ago I did a healing on him.

So, on Monday evenings, I donate my time and energy to work in a Maori healing clinic, in Titirangi, West Auckland. I've been doing this for years, and I love it with a passion. Plus, I truly believe in giving back to society, without being rewarded for it. And this is where I do that. Give back.

Rewards of giving

Of course, I do "get things" from doing this. When we are unselfish, we "get" heaps. But, this is definitely not my motive. I'm just saying that, when you give, you get. 

During my life, I have also had to learn to discriminate when, where, what, and why, I donate "myself". Sometimes, it has truly been in the wrong situations. I've definitely learnt a few lessons, along the way.

The dance and energy of giving

I never thought about it before, as being a dance and energy of giving. But it is. Just as in dancing, we come together, on some level, we give of ourselves, we express a lot of energy on different levels. As we dance, we give to each other through our motives, body language, emotions. When the dance is finished, we separate, but we have received. From each other.

What the young dancer taught me

When I do healing, I can "see" a person's difficulties, whether they are physical, mental, or emotional. I don't get into it, but I am aware of it all. And that night I was doing physical deep tissue massage and alignment. So, not the place for the ole D & M (deep and meaningful).

What I could see, however, was that this highly talented young man literally danced through life. In a most expressive way. He danced his way, expressively, through his worries - his worries literally could not "touch" him. In his inner dance, he was immersed in the joy of expressive dance. 

I was so awed by this. I could see that he also did this with his emotions. There was literally no room for his cares, worries, any troubling emotions, to get even a look in. I was so inspired. 

Later, I saw him and his young dancer friend, dancing for a security dance, outside in the half-light. Joyousness personified.

How can we dance through life? 

I absolutely cannot stop thinking about this. Do I, for example, dance through life? 

And if I do, what am I doing?

For, I am not a dancer. I wish I was. I so wish I was. And I wish I was a surfer too, but this is a bit difficult when I can't actually swim.

But we all have moments, when something like the joy and expression of dancing is both within, and around us. For me, straight up, I can think of the following:

  • spiritual studies (I teach spiritual yoga, and go to Maori Wananga (learning the deep ancient lore of the Maori). I just love it. 
  • holding a baby anything - bird, animal, human (I'm actually not there yet with baby spiders... just saying)
  • being with any of my kids. I don't know why I call them that, 2 of them have adult children
  • being with my grandchildren
  • being in the beauty of nature
  • laughter between close friends
  • being with Pixie (papillion-pomeranian) because we love each other

Maybe that's The Secret Of The Dance? Love.

How can you dance through life? Through your cares and worries?

My youngest, when she was maybe eight, joined a jazz ballet dancing group, with other little girls. The joyousness of that time in her life, was incredible. Now, aged thirty, she still has a best friend from that dancing time. The skipping with joy to be there, the twirling around with happiness, the love and devotion towards their young teacher - ah, beautiful to see, and remember. 

Although a dancer may express The Dance, both physically, emotionally, and with inner joy, we might only be able to express outwardly, or only inwardly. What does it matter? As long as it's right for oneself.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Casual is more youthful

                   Related image

                (Ines has truly nailed casual, current, fantastic)

Dress more casual

I was reading a vintage magazine, 1960! would you believe? I love reading old magazines. Really old ones. An article on being youthful said that if you want to look younger, then dress more casually, rather than dressing up.

It makes sense, for sure. I knew instinctively that this was correct, and I had actually always thought so, too. But I had a wee think, a bit of a contemplate about it, as I wove through my day.

Each generation has a mode of dressing. And, it does seem that, in the main, each generation can get more casual. Looking back over the decades (those old magazines, again!), the 1980s were more dressing than the hippie 1970s, but overall, casual does seem to get less and less dressy as time progresses.

And, when we dress up, we can often dress up according to an earlier time, when we where younger. Anywhere from teens through to forties. A time when we felt young and vital. So, naturally, we try to duplicate that feeling through how we dressed up, at the time.

And, dressing up, was special. It was then, and it still is, now.

And in doing so, we, well, we age ourselves. I gave a talk a few years ago, where I knew that dress would be casual. So, I complied. Not too casual, because it was about presenting oneself, with colour. Within the casualness, I also had to look professional. I hope that I managed it.

I recall seeing a lovely lady, a bit older than most of the people there, who was wearing her new colour schemes and make-up, which she had gone to a colour stylist for. Fantastic. She was wearing new clothes. Which aged her. For they were what she may well have worn a couple of decades ago. They were also Just Too Dressy for the occasion.

And being overdressed in any situation, is, well, it's ageing. Sorry. But it is.

Why is casual more youthful?

And there are also psychological and visual reasons why casual is more youthful. Youthfulness has a lot to do with movement. If you can move well, you will look and feel younger and more vital. When we were young, we were often in casual clothes. And we were playing, and moving.

So, it's the association of casual dressing and movement that suggests youthfulness. But sometimes, we get it mixed up. And I really dislike it when I do it.

We can tend to overdress when we are being casual. In a way that reminds us, of our youth.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2018


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Inspiration to socialise

I was reading about a woman who has, for some months, been using public transport, to get out and about. She has a car, and often used to bike into her local town. But now, she instead, has chosen to use buses.

Where I live, you can, instead of using your car:
  • walk
  • take trains
  • bus
  • or alternate between these to get to many of your destinations
This is something that I really wanted to do, but haven't. Why have I not done it?
  • I haven't been organised enough to do it
  • You have to allow time to do this
  • I have also been using the rain as an excuse not to. But it's not always raining.
I am going to get into working this into my life, even if it takes me a while to do so:
  • If I want to see my Grand-daughter who lives in an inner city suburb, I can walk to the bus around the corner from where I live, bus to the local shops, get a train to my destination. Hop out of the train, walk across the tracks, and I'm at my Grand-daughter's. Or, just walk to the shops to get the train
  • I can walk to the local shops a couple of times a week for some groceries
  • I can walk and bus to the local mall to do chores there
When I was growing up, we did indeed walk everywhere. Plus catch buses. It was expected that we would do this. No wonder we were all so slim, and seldom got sick. (and yes, I do know... this was a long time ago...)

So, just how is this socialising?

Ah, the crux of this post.
  • The woman whom I was reading about, said it was so that she could be amongst people
  • meet people
  • interact with others
Now, this is an internationally famous author, (Monica Grenfell), who simply decided to do this. I'm willing to bet that she doesn't actually need to have more people in her life.

A cure for loneliness

But I can tell you, that doing all this, is a great cure for loneliness. And for when we realise that we are being too insular (which I can definitely be). What I would do, when I was at home too much, and hadn't talked to anyone for a few days, was:

  • go to the library and work on my computer
  • go over the road to the local cafe. I made many lovely new friends at that cafe
  • walk in the local park
  • go to the local beach, even if it was just to hang out
  • go to a local weekend outdoor brunch place by the sea, and eat a delicious french crepe
I wasn't lonely, as such, but I definitely was being too isolated!

People who need people

Barbra Streisand has an old song about this...

"people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world"

I forget the rest of the song, but I do believe that no person is an island. We need one another. We not only need each other:
  • for company
  • for giving and receiving friendship
  • and for love
But also for skills. The Art of Being Able To Interact With Others. True socialising.

Children need to mix with others, too

Not just at school, but in many situations. In my early years, I was the eldest of five little girls. We only played together for many years, because it was just too much for Mum when a hoard of kids came other to play. Understandable. Actually, she did try to do this, but it was so hard to do. And I am in no way criticising Mum; she was an amazing mother.

As everyone got older, of course this changed. Each child had friends of their own. But, and for me in those early years, and this was the important part, I did not know how to mix with people, even those of my own age, nor how to forge friendships.

Because I was not socialised.

Image may contain: 3 peopleI had a period of my life when I went to live with Nanna, and there, I was expected to be able to  talk to people of all ages. I soon learnt!! It wasn't easy for me, but it was a learned skill, from those lovely years, for which I am still so incredibly grateful.

I had become socialised. And, it did indeed make my life easier.

ps the family grew........

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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Still Spring-ing

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Why I love spring

Actually I love autumn too, but for different reasons. But I am quite serious about spring, in a quiet poking fun at myself, kind of way. I have these things that I enthusiastically do, each spring. Because, well, it's spring!! And also, I'm clearing the decks for summer.

But why do I love spring? Probably for the same reasons as everyone else:
  • summer is almost here
  • that darned rain stops, or slows down. Here, our winter rain, as opposed to our spring or summer rain, is often cold, fierce, and windy, so it pelts down sideways. Hence my glee and relief when it calms down.
  • we stop freezing
  • the sun is out!
Not brilliant reasons. But, to me, 

             spring is a time of growth; of new life

new beginnings

New births in the nature kingdom. Not just animals, but beautiful blossoms, amazing spring flowers. With my eldest children, we lived alongside a wide country (semi country, really) lane, and we had horse paddocks behind us. Every spring, up would come daffodils in that lane, and in the paddocks. The lane was almost crowded out by them. A riot of colour. So special.

For me, winter is a time of planning, and sorting things out. Then, come spring, we have our plans sorted to start on, for whatever reason. Or even just have an idea of what we are going to do, the direction on which we would like to take.

everything feels lighter, so consequently, so do we

And I don't think that it's just the weather. That old saying "a spring in your step"? That's what this beautiful season does to me, so I'm assuming that it's the same for everyone else. Being that we are all, in so many ways, quite similar.

Maybe I feel this way
  • because of the new life bursting forth
  • there is more blue sky, which makes us feel so good
  • the days are getting longer, so that we have more time to get things done, do more with our life
  • it's not so cold. For me, it just makes it easier to get things done, when the days are longer, and I'm not so cold
  • I notice that I also get out and about more

for me, spring is the season of hope

and with all of this, for me, I have a feeling of New Hope, when spring has burst forth. I eagerly await it (or is that I desperately await it?), near the end of August, as September is spring in New Zealand. And that hope, inside of me, is for everyone, especially my family. I have great hope that all will be the best for them.

Practical stuff

I do practical sorting-out-life things, too, come spring.

  • spring cleaning. Sorting stuff out. Putting stuff away. Seasonal cleaning (not quite into that yet, to be honest)
  • revisiting my diet (as in my previous post)
  • enthusiastically pulling out my spring clothes. I am now into a single layer, on top, and bottom, with a warm-ish hoodie for when it's cold. Still long-sleeved and too warm for summer, but less than winter
  • I ruthlessly biff any winter clothes which I didn't wear. I didn't wear them because I didn't like them or they were unflattering
  • I decide on a "look" for spring with clothes. With what I already have. As I'm saving for some essentials (not clothes) I cannot spend too much on new clothes. 
                                              Ah, yes. Spring.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Spring has again, sprung

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Spring is here

I can actually feel it, in the air., Or, is it in the ether? I'm not sure which. On a recent drive into the countryside, you could see the lambs happily running and bouncing around. Frolicking, I believe. Lots of calves. Spring flowers bursting forth. And pollen. Darned pollen. but hey, who cares, because: spring is here!!

le spring regime

Time to move with the seasons, methinks. I have decided to follow a very doable system of:

a diet overhaul:
  • eat three times a day. Which means that I have to eat enough at each meal, which was what I was doing a few months ago.
  • a fortified muesli for breakfast. equal amounts of oat bran (because that's the sort of oats that I already have) and wheat germ. I love wheat germ, to me it is just so delicious. LSA, protein powder (6 - 10 grams of protein), a couple of powders, not much: berries and greens. Soak in whatever type of milk that you like. A piece of fruit. Yum. Adjust all to taste.
  • I'm intending to make lunch my main meal which will be fish mostly, plus a green vegetable or two.
  • and dinner will be vegetable soup for a wee while. With a small amount of cheese and bread. Actually really filling because at present I'm using root vegetables, including beetroot.
  • I'll make adjustments, maybe even change it as needed, as I go along
  • water (this is where I'm slack)
short daily bursts of exercise, for spring, health, and toning:
  • I do a small yoga routine each morning, poses, breathing, meditation. Not earth shattering, but doable. Nothing to boast about, or even really admit to. But, mostly, I do it. As a yoga teacher, I have known so many friends who were unable to maintain daily yoga. This, I feel, is because they made it too hard to do, simply by making it too long. Or too complicated.
  • short, brisk walks. I live in suburbia, and I do admit that have found it a bit hard to get inspired, strolling around the roads, past lots of houses. I have to get over this.
  • short bursts of body toning. Which I had been doing a few times a week, but now I'll do, for example, legs and buttocks one day, upper body the next. Abs, probably three minutes each day. So, that's more, but in short doses, it's doable.
  • move briskly about the day, which makes me feel that I'm doing something. Hilarious really, to think like that.
I need to do the diet and exercise overhaul, even just for health reasons. Especially as the weight loss came to a grinding halt. A new, simple, approach, is clearly needed here. And I fully expect wonderful things like toning up and getting stronger physically.

I am also feeling that I need to build myself up. As in immunity:

A friend makes amazing products. Some are made for the individual, but two are available in a few places. I managed to be advised as to what I needed. (lucky me)
  • I'm taking a personalised lung builder-upper. Amazingly, I could feel results after just one dose!
  • and a vitamin C.
So, that's it, at present. To be continued, built upon, or changed, as needed.

Warm weather food

Yes! The warmer weather has arrived. And with it, a few changes in le regime (my diet, aka what I eat). I really get miserable eating salads...