Thursday, 8 March 2018

A Beautiful Home

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True confession

I admit it. I am not a great homemaker, putting cushions and flowers and nice things around the home. I don’t decorate it to look a particular way. And, this is just the way that I am. I am a minimalist. I like space to move in and I really don’t like having to always clean clutter.

New home, new flatmate

When a sister was coming to live with me, in a “new” house, I panicked. I berated myself for having so much “stuff”. I thought that maybe I had (selfishly) taken up all of the available space with my belongings. So, I hastily packed up even more of my “stuff” to go to a market. I was in full-on panic mode.

Ha! It turned out that I didn’t have many belongings, after all. I realised this when she turned up with a small removal truck. It was chocker full. Yes. Really. In came all of the boxes and furniture. I watched, in fascination, as more and more stuff appeared.

The decorating begins

And the next day, she got busy. Before the crack of dawn. It was so exhausting to watch……

Boxes after boxes were emptied. Things were put away, put up, and just generally decorated. Giant plants, cushions, pictures, statues, mirrors, knick knacks. I have barely ever knick knacked in my life. I was bedazzled watching it all. Actually my sister is an artist, so in reality, it was our abode which was being bedazzled. I was fascinated, and amazed, at the whole process.

What makes a house a home?

At the end of the night, most of it was done. At least, that’s how it looked to me. (No, it turned out that there was more to come). After a chat, I realised that all of these bits and pieces mattered to her, and that they made where she lived, feel like home.

I have tons of books. I seldom read fiction, but I have books on the deeper esoteric aspects of yoga. Now, I should add that I seldom ever read them, but hey, I might want to. One day. And I have some priceless old yoga books, which I do love. And some beauty books, and some vintage health books, which I also love. All of these books matter to me. As do my yoga statues, esoteric paintings, and photos of my family. These all make where I live, be my home.

The key to making your home beautiful

I think that what matters in decorating one’s abode, is in realising what matters to you. For some people it’s their garden, or having a kitchen which they love. I love having a pet live with me. That is so special, but is not a feature in my life at the moment. A friend has lots of crystals and flowers throughout her home. If she hasn’t got many flowers growing, she just goes for a walk, and comes home with some that she has picked from the wayside. Another friend has plants, crystals, flowers, candles, posters and paintings everywhere.

I feel that to have a beautiful home, it is worthwhile to putting some thought and feeling into:

What matters to me that can be reflected in my home, or garden? Giving you emotional satisfaction and pleasure.

What matters to my family, that can be included in the home?

What can I let go off, to make way for this?

My contribution to our home is that I am having my beloved books put up on shelves. Mysteriously, lots of shelves arrived in the aforementioned removal truck. And we are getting some more. Already I was full of satisfaction at the thought of it. 


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