Thursday, 3 May 2018

The Chic Files: Style as expression

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Continuing with "Chic and Slim" by Anne Barone, looking at this book, chapter by chapter, as an inspiration for a more chic life. And a more slim one, too.

But at the moment, I am fixated on style.

What is style as expression? Is it :
  • What we say?
  • What we do?
  • How we look?
  • How we dress?
  • The decor of our home?
  • What and how we eat?
Myself, I think that it is all of this, and more: how we live our life, and how we express our style in all of these above ways.

My style

My style is definitely minimalism. Too much 'stuff' around me, makes it hard for me to focus, as my eyes get pulled to this and that. But I have a flatmate for whom her home is an artistic expression of herself; no space left free. Both of us are so different, yet, each of us has a distinct style of our own, coming quite naturally from our own separate personality.

Because I am a minimalist, I also dress that way: simply. I have few clothes; only a few pairs of shoes; my coats last for years. I like my food to be simple and uncluttered too. My make-up is minimal. I sometimes have too much skin care, but in all honesty, most of it has currently been gifts. I also am rather quiet, which is a bit confusing for more extroverted people. I am not perfect, but I am quite self-sufficient, and my style of living my life, and expressing my personality, definitely reflects that.

For me, a good mantra is: less is more.

Your style, of course, will also be quite unique to you. Sometimes, it is quite good to look around oneself to see how you are expressing your style. Unless we live and work alone, it is very difficult to have everything our own way with our style. Of course compromise is involved too. But, what can you do to put your style into your life?

Recently I was talking to someone who is also quite a minimalist. She likes antiques and is a bit quirky. Definitely that is reflected in her style of dressing, her way of speaking, and how she would like to decorate her home.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to think of a few key words to describe your own style? I know that  two words that would define my style are minimalist and feminine.

My style inspiration

The person who inadvertently  taught me about style, was my beloved Nanna, when I lived with her for five magical years. She taught me about being happy whilst having less, when I could have had more. And to make what I did have, nice. This really fulfils me on many levels.

Nanna also taught me, by example, to get dressed nicely, each morning. Not expensively, nor overdressed, just nice. When I don't do this, I feel really sloppy, and I don't get things done. Someone asked me recently why I didn't buy myself some warm track pants to wear around the house. The answer is that I just like to get dressed in (nice) clean clothes each morning, and not have to get changed each time that I go out. (plus - trackies.... ugh)

I think that this is also part of my minimalism. I also do not like to waste time by getting changed into different clothes during the day. And I like to tidy myself and look nice, each morning. I've done this all of my life, and it all goes back to my teenage years with Nanna.

I do also think that how we spend our time, our body language, what we say, are also part of our own unique style. Style is not just about the clothes that we wear.

Does style matter?

I think so. Everyone is unique, everyone has a special gift to the world, and their style, I believe, is part of this. Sometimes it is worthwhile to put some thought and active energy into finding our personal style. On all levels.

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