Wednesday, 29 August 2018

happy thoughts

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                      Pixie: the ultimate in happy thoughts

"happy thoughts make happy molecules": Deepak Chopra

I love this. It reminds me how I have been happy and healthy, but, at times, I have fallen prey to viruses & colds because I was having an unhappy time. I don't actually feel that when we get some sort of malaise, that it's always "all in the head". No, of course I don't. To me that's just too silly, and too blamey. Some times we do get a virus for practical reasons.

For example:  I got the worst virus of my life from a new flatmate, some years ago. She coughed and sneezed over everything: including toothbrushes, towels, soap, tea towels, dishes, furniture, door handles ... everything. When I finally got that darned virus-from-hell, I realised that it had been inevitable.

Other times when I have been "low", I have been immensely susceptible to "catching" something.

How can that be? Why does this happen? Is it the universe being mean? Or reflecting back to us? I find this sort of attitude too grandiose. Sometimes things are just more simplistic than that. And, I also don't like the reflection attitude. I feel that it's just a wee bit too self absorbed. How can everything be about me? It doesn't make sense.

I do like to remove myself from the psycho babble. And just so you know... I was around it for many years. It made me feel very uncomfortable. I saw too many people pointing the finger of blame at people if they were sick. I had it pointed at me, many a time, over trivialities.

And, for goodness sake, this was an excellent way to make another person unwell. And unhappy. In a study which I read, it was found that unhappy thoughts do lower immunity. I am assuming here that it's a lot of unhappy thoughts.

Whereas, positive thoughts created more antibodies. And it had to do with the brain. These happier thoughts, we have them when we have more activity in a front part of our brain (prefrontal cortex). And when the activity is there, we have more antibodies. This tells me that we can help ourselves, by deliberately being more positive.

And, we all have times in our life, when this is just like pushing water uphill. I have a couple of wee tricks:
  • I remove myself from people who make me feel bad about myself
  • I go outside and get some "blue": blue sky. This, I know, gives me more serotonin, the calm, happy, and healing neurotransmitter. It sends happier impulses through our body. 
  • I remind myself to stand taller, and look "up". Both make me feel happier
  • If I'm sitting, I stand. I move, I change my physical body stance. Try it, it works for me. 
  • I make myself smile
  • I have faith that things will get better 
  • I go and see Pixie and have licks, kisses, and hugs
Of course, you will have your own tricks. which I would love to hear, and try.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

How to build up your health

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Why do I need to build up my health? Or, why does anyone else, for that matter?

I gaily traversed through this winter, so pleased that I barely got sick. Mostly, it was due to an anaemia problem that I have, sort of disappearing. (I worked hard to get this to happen!!) Anaemia made me very run-down and really lowered my immune system. Now I just keep an eagle eye on it, throughout each day, and do whatever I need to do, to get the iron levels back up. Iron. That's my problem. Lack of iron, at different times in my life. And I lack it because my body can have problems absorbing it, and storing it. I keep a supply of an amazing iron-plus-other-stuff supplement on hand, and it's the best that I have ever used.

Plus, I was actually doing things to actively prevent getting anaemic, and also to prevent getting sick. I do a barely known yoga breathing exercise to cool my body, and amazingly, this has helped no end. Certainly, when I am overheated, not as in summer-hot, but as in body-too-hot, I am inclined to be lacking in iron, and/or, sick. Or, both. So, I do something to prevent both.

First things first

I have never met sometime who was totally free from any physical things that they were prone to, and these, I believe, are often the key to staying healthy, and also getting healthy:
  • do what we need to do, to keep our body moving along efficiently. 
  • Deal with, and keep an eye on, any physical tendencies.

Keep on track with them

So, getting back to my iron-thingey, I found out many years ago, that iron is highest about 7am each morning. Maybe there are new findings, but I have stuck with that. So, I aim to be up and about before 7am to do a small amount of yoga, which is either:
  • for maintaining health: some sun salutes and a couple of easy poses, breathing, etc
  • for recovery from being run down or unwell: some flexibility moves, especially for shoulders and hips, where we store a lot of tension. I'm not a naturally supple person, I have to work at it, and these sort of movements, as trivial as they are, help get me back into my grove
Either for 10 - 15 minutes, with the above exercise. That's it. These are for keeping my body ticking over nicely. And I do the breathing when I'm up to it, for recovery. What I do here, is not for the body-beautiful, nor for any other reason other than keeping on top of things. I find that it is  easier to have something that I do, regularly, that physically, helps me maintain on a level that I can keep fitting into my life. Easily.

find out what suits you best, for maintaining your health, and for building it up, when needed. 

Keep it simple, and succeed (Kiss formula)

Take time to recuperate when you've not been well

And, of course, as a yoga teacher, I do know not to do exercise when I've got a temperature. I rest, instead. And sleep. And I don't lie there doing yoga techniques. If I'm well enough to do that, then I'm well enough to be up and about, in my reasoning.

To build up our health, it helps to notice what's going on, physically

It's really worth it, to notice what is happening with your body. When I was younger, I really bought into the modern and yoga thing whereby, if you were unwell, then shock, horror!! The universe was supposedly mirroring something back to me. Or, I felt that I "deserved" it.

When I stopped doing that silly tendency to analyse what was happening in my head, and looked instead to what was happening with my body, my health improved. I looked at physical evidence, instead.

What did I look at? My physical patterns, which tell us so much. Which ones? I just do the easy ones:
  • how much sleep that I need, and the quality of sleep
  • how my diet affects me. So, that's what we eat at certain times; and how does it work with our body?

And I find that some things affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally, too
  • other people. Toxic people are truly best avoided (this was totally one of my life's biggest lessons)
  • our environment. This is our home, and our work environment, mostly. 
There will be more factors for each of us, like responsibilities, money, family. But the process for dealing with any thing that impacts our health, is the same. It is unbelievably simple, and involves a bit of trial and error:

Find out what suits you. And just do it. Make it doable (KISS)

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

On making life better

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I am looking today at making my life better. And why? Is that all that I ever do?

Well, no. I actually, mostly, just live my life, as it is, and be present as much as I can. Of course, who does that 24/7? Not me, for sure, because it's just too overwhelming. And exhausting. Sometimes we  just need to let go, and surrender to the flow of whatever is going on.

The busy flow of my life suddenly ground to a halt

I had been so busy. Life was exciting. Getting Things Done. People to see, things to do. Then suddenly, overnight, it all ground to an inglorious halt.

I aim to do my best, as often as I can. But today, I can't. I just can't. This is the fifth day of me surrendering to the flow, of a horrible bug which is whipping it's way around the country. Apparently, it's not only in Auckland, but  also around Hobbiton, in the mighty metropolis of Matamata. (so I know it's an important bug. I mean - Hobbiton?) (my son did a stint working at a bar in the Shire, he loved working there)

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So, it is comforting to know that I am not alone. I have been in bed and slept. Or, I had lain on the sofa, in a stupor, going through boxes of tissues, watching youtube and netflix movies. I think it's called binge watching. I don't think that there are many left that I want to half-pie watch. And I suspect that I actually slept through most of them.

First steps to getting better

Today, I am teetering around the house a bit, trying to sort myself out. Changing my sheets. Putting away My Stuff. Swaying as I make some soup. Being Brave. Being a martyr. Sorting things out. Making life better.

Why do this?

Because I am an eternal optimist. I am clearing the decks for, hopefully, tomorrow, when I shall be ready to be better. I am being prepared. I might be a bit premature in my hopes here, but, still, I'm going to be ready for the day, any day soon, when I feel much better.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

People who have a better life

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Who are these people who have a better life?

(happiness comes into it, too)

Well according to psychology researchers, it has to do with personality traits. And, specific traits, in particular.

Here are some of the main ones, plus my own (unsolicited) comments:

enthusiasm, extroversion, outgoing, laugh a lot

All under the same umbrella. So obvious, I think. I actually am not an extrovert, and, as an adult, I had to learn how to be outgoing, how to socialise. So I do know that it's possible. I've also noticed that my friends who can find humour and smiles, when life is not good, they are the ones who get through hardship easier. As a healer and clairvoyant, I have observed that under all our problems, lies happiness, so I do think that happiness is like a birthright. But, sometimes we need to do something to lighten our load, so that we can be happier.

Here are some of the things that worked for me:
  • I deliberately aim to be more outgoing. I make myself go and meet people, and spend time with them.
  • Some years ago, I deliberately, v-e-r-y slowly, so as not to cause more drama, removed myself, bit by bit, from "friends" who were not nice. Who didn't make me feel good about myself.
  • I also removed myself from working with people who were not nice. I'm self-employed, so I can do this. But, I have had times in my life when I just had to "suck it up", and handle bad work situations.
  • I make myself look nice early each day. This could be said to be superficial, and maybe it is, however it makes me feel better, more outgoing, less self absorbed.

low levels of being neurotic

I had a chuckle about this, for who amongst us, is not a bit neurotic about something? But really it means something like being less self absorbed. Whew! I always think of this as being a young person's problem. I remember vividly the day that I stopped being all about me: I gave birth. (mothers will chuckle at this). 

The suggestion is that being self conscious, overwhelmed, easily discouraged, actually means that we do not have a good relationship with ourselves.  Myself, I think that we all go through periods of this. And come out the other side. It seems to me, that when we feel good about ourselves in and heart and emotions sort of way, then we like ourselves more. Simply because we feel better about our self.

industrious, conscientious, getting things done

I am not a happy punter when I have nothing to do. I like to Get Things Done. I find housework a bit overwhelming, but I do it. However, there are so many meaningful aspects to my life! But, I must confess, I made it this way. It wasn't easy, but I just kept trying things over the years until I found what works for me. I'm not there yet (is anyone ever?). 

This is what I insist on fitting into my life, what I am conscientious about:
  1. family. I am so blessed to have children, grandchildren, a great grandchild, and a very large extended family
  2. friends. I have many friends, I make a point of making time to catch up with each of them. Our friends are important. 
  3. work. This is what I do: 
  • I am a yoga teacher, but, from choice I cut down to 2 private classes a week. 
  • I keep in touch with quite a few people whom I trained to be yoga teachers. 
  • I write my 2 blogs, which I love doing. 
  • I do Maori healing, in a clinic one night a week, and occasionally at home. 
  • I regularly attend workshops on Maori spirituality.       
  • I teach the odd yoga workshop. 
  • I give clairvoyant readings
I am busy. But I know that I could do more, without being neurotic about it. You would have your own list, which would, of course, be different. 

compassion, kindness

For me, this goes back to first becoming a mother. A well of kindness, love, and compassion springs forth from within when we have a child. It doesn't have to be a child that we give birth too. It is a child whom we love. Actually I include fur and feather babies here!!!

My mother, grandmother and my aunt whom I lived with in my teens, were kind. How lucky was I to be around them! They each inspired me to resolutely be kind. No matter what. I did know, even at a young age, that being this way, made me have a better life. And happier.

And, to overcome my shyness, as a young adult, I learnt to take an interest in others. I aim not to be nosy (I learnt the hard way not to be nosy....), it's more of a connection thing. And it did help me so much in dealing with being shy and naturally introverted. Which naturally leads onto the next aspect of a better life:

being curious about life, the world; learning new things

I always feel that this is also a youthfulness attribute, for, watching toddlers, children, teens, they have an insatiable desire to know what happening. And with it, they keep learning.

We can too. I am not an intellectual, my learning nosiness is with The Unknown aspects of life, The Hidden Secrets. I am always eager to discover more. 

There are so many things that we can learn about in our life. at any stage. And when something grabs our interest, we do not have to get "down"... because we are too busy to be that way! Our attention has gone away from being "down" to being interested, being excited.

Perhaps if you do not have something meaningful in this area, you could start to discover what grabs you intellectually? For me, my interests, are more to do with my heart. Head, heart, body? What does it matter, as long as it's your learning passion.

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