Thursday, 4 October 2018

dance our worries away

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This week is inspired by a young dancer from Atamira dance company. A couple of weeks ago I did a healing on him.

So, on Monday evenings, I donate my time and energy to work in a Maori healing clinic, in Titirangi, West Auckland. I've been doing this for years, and I love it with a passion. Plus, I truly believe in giving back to society, without being rewarded for it. And this is where I do that. Give back.

Rewards of giving

Of course, I do "get things" from doing this. When we are unselfish, we "get" heaps. But, this is definitely not my motive. I'm just saying that, when you give, you get. 

During my life, I have also had to learn to discriminate when, where, what, and why, I donate "myself". Sometimes, it has truly been in the wrong situations. I've definitely learnt a few lessons, along the way.

The dance and energy of giving

I never thought about it before, as being a dance and energy of giving. But it is. Just as in dancing, we come together, on some level, we give of ourselves, we express a lot of energy on different levels. As we dance, we give to each other through our motives, body language, emotions. When the dance is finished, we separate, but we have received. From each other.

What the young dancer taught me

When I do healing, I can "see" a person's difficulties, whether they are physical, mental, or emotional. I don't get into it, but I am aware of it all. And that night I was doing physical deep tissue massage and alignment. So, not the place for the ole D & M (deep and meaningful).

What I could see, however, was that this highly talented young man literally danced through life. In a most expressive way. He danced his way, expressively, through his worries - his worries literally could not "touch" him. In his inner dance, he was immersed in the joy of expressive dance. 

I was so awed by this. I could see that he also did this with his emotions. There was literally no room for his cares, worries, any troubling emotions, to get even a look in. I was so inspired. 

Later, I saw him and his young dancer friend, dancing for a security dance, outside in the half-light. Joyousness personified.

How can we dance through life? 

I absolutely cannot stop thinking about this. Do I, for example, dance through life? 

And if I do, what am I doing?

For, I am not a dancer. I wish I was. I so wish I was. And I wish I was a surfer too, but this is a bit difficult when I can't actually swim.

But we all have moments, when something like the joy and expression of dancing is both within, and around us. For me, straight up, I can think of the following:

  • spiritual studies (I teach spiritual yoga, and go to Maori Wananga (learning the deep ancient lore of the Maori). I just love it. 
  • holding a baby anything - bird, animal, human (I'm actually not there yet with baby spiders... just saying)
  • being with any of my kids. I don't know why I call them that, 2 of them have adult children
  • being with my grandchildren
  • being in the beauty of nature
  • laughter between close friends
  • being with Pixie (papillion-pomeranian) because we love each other

Maybe that's The Secret Of The Dance? Love.

How can you dance through life? Through your cares and worries?

My youngest, when she was maybe eight, joined a jazz ballet dancing group, with other little girls. The joyousness of that time in her life, was incredible. Now, aged thirty, she still has a best friend from that dancing time. The skipping with joy to be there, the twirling around with happiness, the love and devotion towards their young teacher - ah, beautiful to see, and remember. 

Although a dancer may express The Dance, both physically, emotionally, and with inner joy, we might only be able to express outwardly, or only inwardly. What does it matter? As long as it's right for oneself.


  1. We all go through the dance of life, don't we? You write some very thought-provoking posts; thank you.

  2. thank you. yes. And what a dance, sometimes.......


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