Tuesday, 1 January 2019


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(sometimes we just need to listen to wise women's words)

I really don't know why I haven't already blogged about this, on my Unique You site. Especially as I am a clairvoyant, and, well, intuition obviously plays a big part in my life. And sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I just don't want to do the intuition thing. And other times I forget that my intuition is literally screaming at me, but, alas, for some mysterious reason, I am ignoring it. As we all do. So often.

Within a few weeks period, I can quickly recall some intuition "stuff", that I was slow on the uptake of:

  • wondering why I couldn't get going on a writing project. This was causing me such angst. One day, it came to me in a flash, so to speak. I wasn't being "me" as I wrote. That was why it wasn't working out. So, now, it's back to the drawing board to rewrite it as "me". 
  • I also realised that on my yoga blog, I also wasn't being me. I was writing for a niche audience, because that's what I'm supposed to do. Right? Wrong. I was so-o-o confining myself, and wasn't, yet again, fully expressing myself. I really should have been doing what I intended, all along, with that blog. It was supposed to be about spirituality. That is my real niche. So I've "come out" again, on that blog. In no way do I believe that spirituality is confined to yoga. Gosh, no. It's all bigger than what we think, the whole spiritual thing. And I have actually been on another deeply spiritual path, rather than yoga, for the past ten years. 
  • I kept thinking, for some time, that I would arrive home, and one of my nephews would be there. Which was weird, because he was supposed to be living in another town. Chuckle. Of course he was living not too far away, in the town where I live. 
  • I kept being very nervous, and stressed. So, being me, I started to wonder if I was becoming paranoid. Nope. It was just someone repeatedly lying to me. This is the thing with intuition. Sometimes we need to look at when we are having troubling feelings. In what situations? Who are we with? Honestly, I do believe that we all need to learn to trust what our feelings are trying to tell us. Feelings are such a valuable form of intuition. Yet they are often ignored. And I do believe that part of it is that we just do not want to believe, or face, some things. After all, we are all so human.
  • I woke this morning just after a dream of me doing yoga poses, such as downward dog. It's quite a strenuous pose, and I hadn't been able to do it for two weeks, due to a medical mishap, hospital, and a recovery which seemed to be taking ages. (yes, I do want everything done by yesterday, including recovery. And no, that's not intuition) So, I got up and did a bit of yoga. Not too much as I'm still a bit weak, but, hey, yesterday I was not my best, so I was really pleased with myself this morning. And strangely, a whole lot of other things that I was trying to sort out, became very clear to me. (thank you, horrid downward dog pose)
  • I couldn't get a dear friend out of my mind. For weeks. We finally chatted on the phone. Yes, she had been having such a hard time. I wish I'd followed my intuition, and rung sooner. 
  • Another friend, whom I'd not seen for a while, I suddenly started feeling that I needed to contact her. Yep, she was having hard to manage things happen, too. I made sure I caught up. 
  • I'm house sitting, and I started to worry about burglars. I'm actually very good at worrying (little joke here). The house behind where I live got burgled. 

An intuitive 2019

There are so many stories that we all could recall, of ignoring our intuition, our knowing, our feelings, our heart. I would like to recommend that 2019 is a year of listening to all of these. And having a better life, in the process.


  1. Replies
    1. Don't we all just forget about our intuition? (yes)

  2. This is such great advice. I really related to your second point. Since starting my blog, everyone advises you to "niche down". I am SO not a niched down person - like quite the opposite in real life. lol So it's something I'm listening to but also need to figure out on my own and what makes sense for me, even if the blog growth might be slower.

    1. This is so true. I dropped my readership on my yoga blog by doing the niche thing. Silly moi. And who amongst us wants to be niched as a person? I so agree with you. xx

  3. Ratnamurti
    Thank you for writing about intuition, I'm inspired and needed to be reminded of this.
    I need to go back to my roots, back to basics.
    ....happy 2019 to you and your family
    best wishes

    1. Isn't it weird how we all can have our intuition sidetracked? Back to basics, great advice, I too shall do this, thanks xx

  4. great article, good to be reminded and take note of our thoughts feelings intuition xxx

    1. Thank you. Yes, I forget too. Then wake up, and realise....chuckle.


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