Tuesday, 22 January 2019

The Weight Loss Chronicles

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It Is Time To Sort Myself Out

I know that I have to sort out my diet a bit better. I've been allowing myself to be disorganised. Why should this matter? For me, and I can't talk for others, when I am disorganised, my eating is all over the place. I'll have bits and pieces that I wouldn't normally have, and I'll also eat too much.  And I was well aware that I was eating too much starchy food. And then my favourite, buff, french man, gave me (unsolicited) tips on losing weight. Which was both appreciated, and also a bit, you know, embarrassing. I knew then, I totally knew, that I had to change my diet.

The good news

The good news was that the weight which I have dropped, has stayed off. Which I am really happy about. I would, in all truth, be happier if much more had melted into the ether. But only one kilo more has. (sigh) Every now and then, that measly kilo likes to excite me, for good or bad, by going up a kilo, then back down again. It's difficult to handle this sort of excitement, if you know what I mean.

Eating out

And because of my tomato allergy, plus difficulties with most nightshades, when I meet up for lunch with a friend, then eggs it must be. Poached. I find that most cafes have tomato in most savoury dishes. If I'm not too sure about what sort of salad will arrive with my order (some actually have tomato infused oil, as a dressing. Designer dressing. Who would have thought?), I then just have toast with the eggs. I need protein in my diet, at lunch. Having said that, I now seldom go out for lunch.

And I do know that those calorie-heavy delicious lattes and flat whites, I should avoid them. Or even just have coffee out less often, which is of course, a far superior and do-able plan.

And dinner out? All intelligence goes out of the window, with this, for me. I have decided to be grown up and just accept this rather than fight it. Having said this, I seldom go out for an evening meal.

Finding My New Dietary Direction

And, whilst I was pondering. Okay, I was obsessing really, about what to do about my diet. I went with someone to check out the local op shops. I am not much of a shopper, so it was a politeness outing. But, I decided to see if there were any books that took my fancy. (still silently obsessing, in a most nutty way, though) I found a couple of old books (late 1990s). One was Body For Life by a body builder, a well known old book. The other was Fat Free Forever by Dianne Barker, now Dianne Wilson. Both books were somewhat similar, but actually also different.

However, I took these books to be a 'sign' for the type of food regime that would suit me and my needs. After all, there I was: worry, worry, think, think, and up pop these two old books.

I recall many years ago, two female body builders who used to come to my yoga class. Of course, I used to ask them questions about their exercise routines and their diets.  It was over twenty years ago, so that was before women were trotting off to the gym regularly, and also before lifting weights was accepted as the 'norm.' And I felt very privileged that my humble yoga class was one of their weekly workouts.

They both looked amazing. Of course. Not bulked up, just ultra feminine, and amazing.

They were both adamant about eating little and often. Being regular with one's diet. They both said that for body building, diet was most of it. I remember that one woman ate two Weetbix with a sprinkle of muesli for breakfast. The other said: 'you can have whatever you like, but don't have much (at one time)'. I could even have cheese on Ryvita crackers for afternoon tea . Or avocado. Cheese and avocado? Remember, the 1990s were when we allowed ourselves to be conned by the no-fat diets and dogma. I was fascinated. These two ladies really  'had it together' with diet. But, I didn't. I was still locked into the carb heavy, so-called yoga diet of the time. Virtually no fat, too.

Looking back, this was a total recipe for disaster. How could I have lost myself, my integrity, listening to all of that terrible and harmful dietary advice, cutting out fat? And eating bread, dhal and rice every day. But, I did.

Choose Your Hormone Problem

I read in Body For Life how eating little but often, really helps keep one's metabolism working well, as we get older. I haven't done this for a while, but I'm giving it a go. Apparently it's also great for reducing cortisol levels, cortisol being the stress hormone. Whereas, the latest info about diabetes 2 is that it is more helpful for regulating insulin levels, to eat less often. It all sounds a bit like: 'choose, or know, your hormone problem'.

I don't have any diabetic issues and have had incredible stresses in my life, so following the cortisol advice is better, I'd say: little but often.

So, this is the new direction. I shall keep you posted.


  1. Ratnamurti, how is it that you know exactly what to post that has such relevance to me? I, too, am reviewing my diet! I am Type 2 diabetic. But, my longer term blood sugar levels (A1c) had been so good, lately, that the doctor took me off my medication, telling me to try to control the blood sugar levels entire through diet and exercise. Well, I don't do too well with the exercise - that is something I really need to work on! In the meantime, I am trying to modify my diet to a low carb diet. During my last doctor's visit, my blood sugar level was high and my doctor recommended I went on a low carb diet. I am doing OK, for the most part, but, I struggle with this new way of eating, too.

    I wish you all the luck with your new diet/way of eating. Looking forward to reading your updates. :) Take care.

    1. Hi Bless. If you google some tests for diabetes 2, done in New Zealand, in recent years, it was found that a short walk of 10-15 minutes, either before or after a meal (I forget which), really helped with blood sugar levels. Yes, it is so hard to switch to low carb, I agree. Best of luck xxxx


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