Thursday, 26 January 2017

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What makes us look classy?

 Looking classy somehow is synonymous with expensive, & wealthy. And yet, wealthy people don't always spend a lot of money.

Anyone can look as though they have spent a lot of money on themselves. But classy is different. It is actually about other things. And I do know some wealthy people who look sloppy & unclassy.

I learnt all that I know about classy from living with my very classy, some would say "posh", grandparents, during my teens. In the photo above, from many years ago, at a family wedding, I'm second from left with my grandparents, father, and one of my aunts.

I wore that same tunic to two weddings, with a different blouse each time, same shoes and hat. I still had them all, 16 years later! Plus my teenage years coat. And they still all looked good, because I learnt how to look after my belongings, and how not to waste money. Plus they were in colours and styles that suited me, and were in plain lines. You could say. that they were uncluttered. I would definitely say that these are all key points to looking classy.

Even today I can and do, mend clothes. I look after them. Many garments don't need ironing so these days it's all so much easier to take care of things.

An attitude

Classy, I feel, is an attitude.

Classy is more of a mindset about the way that a person lives their life, and the way that they behave. It has to do with manners, and being a decent and honourable person. That's really classy. So, you can be really classy without actually looking great.

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What can we do to look classy?

I thought about public figures who are classy, and Ines de la Fressange, model and entreprenure extraordinaire, seems to me be the epitome of classiness. Let us look at how she is classy:


  •  has a graceful personality
  • she is expressive, funny, hardworking
  • she is modern, even in her 50s
  • well dressed but in a current flashback looks for Ines. 
  • wears minimal make-up
  • has clean hair (no loose flapping mane for Ines!)
  • well groomed
  • her clothes fit nicely
  • she wears clean, uncluttered shapes and colours. I actually think that animal prints and giant flowers are not classy, and Ines doesn't wear these. 
  • Ines wears ballerina shoes, which are timeless. 

And there are never bad gossip nor scandals about her.

Classy. And we can duplicate these elements of class, too.

Being mysterious is classy, too

By contrast, I thought of Kate Moss, also a great model. On occasion, she hasn't always acted with class, but because she never makes any comments about all this, somehow she has been credited with having class, so that is a good lesson. It's classy to keep an aura of mystery. And Kate does often wear her fave clothes, over and over. I think that's classy too.

Being and looking classy are not about always having the latest and greatest. It's about authenticity. It's about being the best you that you can be. We can do that too.


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