Tuesday, 24 February 2015

still going strong with Elizabeth Hurley

But first....

have successfully changed meditation to 1st thing, & now do evening meditation in bed!! Hilarious!! .......but so nice!

Waiting awhile for morning coffee & have given up on the fruit...it doesn't agree with me at all. Have been waiting till 10.30 - 11.30am for my 1st meal (am only having 2 each day). 

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I am so "borrowing" off Elizabeth

Elizabeth Hurley didn't have breakfast for many years...& look at her! She has stayed sleek & trim for what seems like forever. So am doing the no breakfast also. 

When I was very slim, I didn't have breakfast. I didn't have coffee either but am ok with having it now. And. strangely, not having breakfast makes me more aware of what suits my body & what doesn't. So I shall continue. 

I only had 1 slip up when I was taking 2 yoga classes back to back yesterday, so (in panic, worrying about being hungry!) I had toast for breakfast & a muesli bar late morning. Didn't feel well after. So next week I'll take some lunch & have it asap after the classes.

I've been body brushing most days before my shower. 

I used to do it, then when my 2 body brushes mysteriously disappeared from my bathroom & ended up in 1 of my kid's houses, I stopped doing it. I buy mine, when I can actually find them, 2 at a time, from $2 shops. Natural bristle, long handled & way cheaper than anywhere else.

Elizabeth has baths. I don't like having baths, & I work 4 nights a week so happily I feel quite justified in not doing the Long Bath At Night routine, but  I am going to organise 2 baths a week, with candles & epsom salts & aromatherapy oils a la Elizabeth. 

I read she exfoliates her face prior so I'll do that too. Usually I just do baking soda with water or whatever creme I've got, as my beautician friend Camellia suggested, but now I have an expensive coconut scrub, which was a present. I feel that to do it all properly I should also put on a face mask, which will be home-made. It is all beginning to sound quite exciting!

And, early everyday I've been doing an Elizabeth-type 5 minute light make-up to look "pretty" which is what Elizabeth does. It's been nice. 

And it has made me want to "pretty-ify" my house as well.


Elizabeth runs!! Oh god, I'm not doing that!! But I can take our wee doggy for walkies. 

Wee doggy feels that she is above having to trudge the streets so it's more like taking her for tuggies & holdies plus a bit a of pompous promenading & sniffing of posts & trees. 

Elizabeth does bottom clenches & sit-ups whilst waiting for the bath to fill. Must be an enormous bath! But...yep...that's next. Plus I need some plants in the bathroom so that I am more Elizabeth-ified.

Little known Elizabeth innovation

In the early 2000s Elizabeth wrote a piece for Vogue whereby she advised mixing body lotion with self tanner every day to get a gradual tan. Not long after, the 1st gradual tan-body lotion came out. 

I feel that as summer gradually becomes a memory, I shall start with self tanner. Elizabeth self-tans. with Estee Lauder, of course.

I have never done so much pampering for myself. I'm rather liking it.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

my change of habits

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I am a creature of habit

for over 3 decades, I would get up, do some yoga: chants, asanas, pranayama, meditation. A basic routine which I formulated myself, then was 'given' almost the same routine by a teacher. 

Then a generic identical routine was handed out to all in the organisation I used to be involved with........

After a few years, I was given a coffee, just one, just once, prior to morning yoga.  After that I had to have one...then two.... first thing.

But as part of my fine-tuning of habits, the delicious aroma of coffee will have to wait. Because I am changing the order of the yoga. This is Big!!

It is traditional in yoga to get up & meditate about 3am. Well, I spent years getting up between 3.30am to 4.30am, & doing lots of yoga, first thing, ending with meditation which may, just may, have actually been sneaky - seated - dozing, most of the time.

A change to reduce stress

However, in society, getting up this early this is not feasible for most of us. Society has many stresses & it's more practical in our life, to minimise them. It seems that cortisol, the stress hormone, is at it's highest, when we first awake. 

To start meditation within 12 minutes can reduce cortisol, so, sadly, no  coffee, but now meditation first thing. Some postures etc after. Then....coffee!!

 I will manage it (even though morning coffee is one of my favourite habits). But, I will have a glass of water first instead....& I think that 6am is a nice time to get up, not quite so yogic, but not stressful, so this is the new/old time.

I'm a fresh air fiend

My other early morning habit, after meditation, of course, is to open curtains & windows....get some light & fresh air in!! 

I always did this....but then one day, I didn't... I did it later.....& kept on doing it later... Mistake!! 

For, when light hits our eyes, melatonin production is halted. Melatonin is a sleep hormone, it's active during darkness & sleep. When we stagger around in the darkness in the morning, melatonin is still active & we feel dozy. 

If we want to wake up, we need light.

A food change

I've also just been having a couple of pieces of fruit for breakfast most days, as one of my new/old habits.

My new mentor, Elizabeth Hurley 

And, after wasting a whole evening internet stalking Elizabeth Hurley, amongst others, I decided to steal a couple of Elizabeth's habits. 

  • dry brushing before a shower
  •  a 5 minute quick make-up each morning. 

To quote Elizabeth: 

"I always wear make-up as I don't see the point of looking less than your best - I'm a huge make-up fan. I can be fully made up in five minutes flat, with a light foundation, blusher, eye pencil, eyelash curler, mascara and a slick of lip gloss. It makes me feel a million times better."  

And I thought: I can do that!!

Monday, 9 February 2015


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Recap so far

you are unique is about you, you having a good/better life, using some principles. 

When I first realised that life could be better, years ago, I thought in terms of self discipline & in this self discipline you do, & don't do, certain things to be fit, healthy, look & feel good, follow your dreams....you get the idea!

It's all about the habits

Now I feel that's a bit old fashioned, now I think in terms of habits, simple easy to implement habits which benefit oneself. And over a period of time, these habits follow one another in sequences that become ingrained. 

Already this is happening with our existing habits. We will just be adding & subtracting until we each find what works best for us, what fits easily into our life.

Easy times to change habits

If we made a rough note each day of everything, we would find that at certain times of the day we are always doing the same things. Two really good times to look at are:

  • when we 1st get up
  • & just before we go to bed. 

Auto-pilot times!

An easy habit to start with

One very good habit to start with is:

  • start each day with a glass of water
  • have either a glass before each meal & snack
  • & another before bed. 
You could, with the meals, have a hot drink with your meals instead of the water before, as hot water fills us up. 

And, 500 mls of water between tea & bed raises our metabolism.

The water habit fulfills making a small change that easily fits into our life, is relevant to our life, that we can constantly keep doing & we need not worry about the outcome! All boxes so far are ticked!

In order to establish the habit, we will have to employ awareness...in this case, remembering! In conjunction with actually doing it. (Another 2 boxes ticked)

Easy summer habit

And as it's summer, we are looking at raising our p.q...prana quotient. Life force quotient. Getting intelligent:

  • sun
  • fresh air
  • moving our bodies to take in more oxygen
  • eating more raw foods grown in the sun. 
Another way to utilise the sun is to have breakfast in the sun, on a verandah, grass, or even by the window. Eating breakfast in sunlight also raises our metabolism.

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