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how I got my morning mojo back

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caught out being disorganised

Last year I was mega organised, as I was working a lot. But this year I'm not working so much, nor getting up so early, and the results have been a bit disastrous, to say the least.

I am happier when I am organised, because clutter and unfinished tasks make it hard for me to just sit down and work. (I work a lot from home). 

And when one of my kids visited and saw the clutter (blush!), she nicely suggested a few (unsolicited) suggestions about an early morning routine.

I must be clear: I live in a very wee cottage, so a few books out, dishes not done, some stuff not put away: in a larger space it wouldn't be noticed, but in a small space, it just looks so messy. And there has been a lot more than usual stuff not being put away!

how does this happen?

Why? It does indeed go back to rituals. I do firmly believe that our morning ritual starts the evening prior. 

My daughter remembers me as someone who whizzed around being very organised and getting things done, each morning (which is no doubt part of the reason that she gave me her hints). And that is how I prefer to be. Organised. Methodical. 

When you don't have to get up so early, it's so easy to have a lie-in later.. and later.... and then fluff around when you do actually get started. 

And, after a while, it's just not so much fun anymore. It becomes tiring to waste time. For me, anyway. And nothing gets done.

So I then wasted even more time, looking at other bloggers' morning rituals. As you do. For exciting tips. I only got one that was worthwhile for me: get showered & dress nicely (even if you're cleaning yukky things), early each morning. 

The rest, which I knew that I wasn't going to be doing, at least not for now, were suggestions like visualise your day, read something inspiring, go for a run..... etc.

be organised

And then, I decided to go back go the routine that suits me best. And is doable, for me. I know that I am spoilt, being able, most days, to choose what to do. But I didn't, for nearly all of my life, as there was very little "me" time. So I do know that it's precious to have the opportunity to do what I want most mornings.

make it simple

Sometimes we have to organise things the night before, to effortlessly slip into our morning ritual. And this is one of the keys: keep it simple, sweeties! (the K.I.S.S. formula aka keep it simple and succeed) ). I do this by nearly always having my clothes for the next day, put out. In front of the heater, at the moment, because it has been so cold.

And I realised that I didn't drink water first thing for some indefinable reason, but that I would if I had to walk past a full water bottle, first thing. So now, I full that bottle each night and put it where it can't be missed. I think, as a very visual person, that I actually need to see something in order to remember to do it. Not very chic, I know, but it is doable.

I also have the same breakfast most mornings: at the moment it's a small amount of oat bran porridge flavoured with cardamom (yum), and with milk or yoghurt. I have just started having about a half cup of fruit with it, and two instant coffees.  

I eat the same breakfast and have my clothes ready because, as a double libran, I am an excellent procrastinator. I admit it. It would take me so-o-o long to figure out what to eat and wear, if I had choices.

And I solved the sleep-in bad habit, too. It was way too easy. I went to bed earlier, and set my alarm! And got up when the alarm went off!! I am almost embarrassed at not doing this sooner.

how to fit in exercise and such

Between getting up, having some water, going to the bathroom, and breakfast, is also very important for me. 

I like to:

  • do meditation first thing. Sometimes it's short, sometimes longer
  • sometimes I'll do some special yoga breathing beforehand, sometimes not
  • and some yoga poses. I tend to always do the same ones, but I do change the routine from time to time
  • and, sometimes just doing this set of poses, even just the warm ups suggested there if I only have a few minutes. 
  • I also have a standing poses routine for a ten minute session
  • when I'm on top of my game, I do some sun salutes and a few poses
  • again, cutting out the choice thing, because, for me, choice is a stressor.
  • and when I'm really "good", a wee walk after that.  That's my new choice. I can fit it in, easily, if I get up in time. And if I forget to do it before breakfast, then I can do it straight after, which is actually very good for our blood sugar levels, to go for a walk after eating. Ten minutes is all that is needed.

I read about a career woman and mother, who, each morning, did twenty minutes each of:

  • meditation
  • yoga
  • walking

Every day. Strangely, it sounded quite reasonable, to me. But I realised that:

  • I would be happier with fifteen minutes of each. Again, doable for me
  • in a rush, I could do ten minutes of each
  • or, even, close my eyes and "just be", do some standing yoga flexibilities, and pedal on the home bike, for five minutes each, if I was really time pressed. 

So, looking at things this way, and with the time that I have available... no excuses not to, really.

(I think that I deserve a medal)

All of this before my shower. Phew! But on another level, easy peasy. As an overachiever, it's just fine for me.

what little tweeks can you make for your morning routine to be easier?

Remember that whatever you do, needs to fit you and your life. No-one needs to thunder around doing exercise before the day starts, if it doesn't suit them. 

My grand daughter has a toddler. She would laugh, a lot, at most of these suggestions, as being suitable for her. I would laugh too, remembering those days of having one or more wee ones and trying to fit in toilet, shower, food...well, fitting in anything really.

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