Friday, 27 October 2017

Change of Attitude

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I have been having a LOT of angst due to:

  •  my old and sad computers, 
  • minimal weird microsoft word, 
  • and shared dicey internet. 
It had been so hard to get my blogs done, and taking so long. So I sallied forth with one of my (adult) children to buy a new computer, believing that this would magically 'fix' my problem.  I came back without one, as so many extras to pay for, were being added onto the recommended computer, adding over $800 worth of extra costs. I was not a happy punter.

Doing something about it

So, I decided to merely change my attitude. After all, a good cook doesn't insist that they have the best equipment and the top quality food, to cook with. No, they cook great food with what is available. And it's delicious. 

As you might suspect by my computer attitude, I am not a great cook. I am, rather, a Loaves and Fishes cook. Meaning I'm really good at rustling up simple, very ordinary, food for the masses, with just what's available. Not very creative, but it's okay. And I do this as seldom as possible. In fact, I avoid doing it.

Inspiring role models

Then I remembered that J. K. Rowling wrote her Harry Potter books in a cafe. I can do that, I thought, and use their internet connection! Especially as there is a fantastic cafe just over the road from where I live. And when I'm getting coffee-logged (like water-logged only with coffee), I can go the the local library and log onto their internet, with my own computer. And it costs nothing! So, that was an attitude change with the dicey internet connection.

I also remembered a writer called Leslie Kenton, who became world famous for her beauty, and diet, books. Leslie was a single mum with four children. She became Heath and Beauty editor for Harpers Bazaar, before she wrote all of her books, and I think that it was the British edition. As you can guess, Leslie was not exactly flush with money. She put a typewriter on the bottom step of the stairs inside her house, as her desk, sat on the floor at the base of the stairs... and typed her articles. Now, I'm assuming that this didn't last long, after all, it's a Big Deal to be beauty editor of Harpers Bazaar. But, she did start this way. What an attitude!

How I have benefitted

This made me realise that I don't actually ne-e-ed a new computer. (But I do want one). But, I can make do. It won't affect my writing. Whereas previously, I was so sure that having sad computers was making me a bad writer.

A  change of attitude. It feels so good, so positive. This change is even making me feel lucky! I shall hang onto this feeling.

Of course, we all have moments like this. When we just changed our attitude. When we looked around at what we could do, and a different way to do it. When magically something wasn't quite so hard. I thought about this for a while. Whilst I really am into the Ancient Practice Of Gratitude, I realised that just being grateful that I had two inefficient computers, and an internet connection that may or may not work, at any time, simply wasn't enough.

And I became a Do-er

I am thinking, feeling, whatever, that sometimes, along with gratitude, we need to have a doing attitude, in order to Get Things Done. Somehow, this is more realistic for me.

And, I'm sure that it would be more realistic for you. Look at things that aren't so easy, and see how you can work around it. Honestly, doing this with the former computer problem (because it's not a problem for me, now, right?) has released a ton of energy and optimism inside of me. I can't wait to write!! So different from the weeks of (self inflicted) angst, when I couldn't look at things in a more positive light.

I had always prided myself on not needing much to be happy. And I had stepped out of my beliefs!! But I'm back. And I love my new change of attitude with my computers.

Friday, 20 October 2017


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Optimism, according to a dictionary definition, is

hopefulness and confidence about the future success of .......

which, to me, indicates that it is about something. When we are optimistic, we are looking forward, and we are feeling good about it, and have beneficial feelings about (whatever it is) working out, happening.

Looking to the Past

Whereas, we can look back to the past to remember something to recall feelings of hope and confidence. Which, is what I did for a long time. I used good memories, I felt into them to remember what the feeling of accomplishment was like, to recreate hope and confidence within myself for personal issues.

But, as helpful as this has been, it is not the full story. Yes, I would recall how I had done a particular difficult thing, with no personal confidence. But I did always have confidence in whatever I was doing, and rather than hopefulness, I also had certainty with what I was doing. But the confidence in myself was lacking, even though I hid that from others.

Why do we do that? We are good at something, we know how to do it, but those personal niggles are there. I never ever did let it stop me, professionally, though. But for personal issues, it has always been harder.

There is an easier way

In hindsight, it would have just been easier, and less stressful, to just do the same things in the same way, if I was needing to do those things again. Like lose weight, for example. And if it worked previously, then it will work again. Do the steps each day and have the optimism that it will (again) work out.

It's easier to be optimistic when you know that something works

I wrote the You Are Unique course at a very difficult and impoverished time in my life. Very new baby, no money, living with difficult people. I just kept to myself, and wrote then presented the course. I prepared it in the wee hours of the morning, I wrote it then friends desk-topped it, so that I could hand out practical notes each week. I took very tiny baby with me whilst I presented the course! (that was a real juggling act!) I also was wearing clothes from op shops. I had no problems taking baby, nor wearing second hand clothes, nor in writing and presenting the course.

It was based on what I had done about seven years prior, to make positive changes, for me, in my life. I knew that the course would work. It had, after all, worked for me. And because of that, I was optimistic about how it would impact others' lives in a very lovely way. Plus I had taken a lot of yoga courses and classes, given talks on seminars, so I was used to being in front of others. But, I am actually quite shy, so whenever I am 'up in front' of others, that is where the personal confidence is a bit low.

Ironically, none of my friends came to the course. I'm quite sure that they thought that I was just writing about, and presenting, yoga. Which is not what it was all about. Yoga is not the only thing that I know.

The course was incredibly successful. It made so much difference to all of the people who took part in it. Their self esteem soared, and they had easy routines to do, to look and feel good. Plus simple yoga routines to enhance their life. When we had a reunion with the first group to do the course, three months after it finished, I could barely recognise anyone. They all looked so happy, younger, more attractive, and more confident.

My lament......

Oh, Youtube and Amazon, where were you Back In The Day? The content of that course would have settled my money worries of that time.

Others can help us be optimistic

Now, that baby is twenty-nine. She has always been so encouraging of whatever I did, knowing that I was capable in my fields. Fancy that, one of your children recognises that you are quite timid, really, and just keeps encouraging you. I am so grateful for that support. Having support in your life is so essential.

Ch-ch-changes  (remembering Bowie here)

So, I suppose that the moral of this story, is that I am changing my Game Plan. Instead of looking back to recreate confidence and so on, I am merely going to place that hopefulness and certainty towards the future. Doing whatever is needed on a daily basis for that future.

Because it just doesn't make sense to me to just have that optimism that something will work out, yet not do anything to enable it to work out. No, I still do think that hand in hand with optimism, we do actually need to do whatever is needed. Maybe that's the secret behind optimism. We are doing 'whatever it takes.'

I like it.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

the Law of Increase

The Secret of Increase

I had to chuckle when I read this!! It actually is from the bible, and it is about... well, it's about things increasing.

On many levels. And, it seems that it may also be part of the Prosperity Thing. The latest part of it. You know, have everything that you want. Just by doing The Secret and other Forgotten Laws of prosperity.

And we can also, apparently, help ourselves increase what we want, prosperity wise, with gratitude. That is so lovely.

Some people are just that way

However, I have met many people who do, inherently, have and practice gratitude, without having read all the 'correct' books, and in this instance, the quality of gratitude is not about 'getting'. It is instead, about 'being.'

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I prefer this approach with gratitude, I must confess. It goes against the grain, for me, to have lots of belongings, and 'things'. The clutter of it all just overwhelms me. Actually, the greed of it all, is distasteful, to me.

The whole The Secret and Other Laws, are amongst my "don't get me started!" subjects.

The Secret of Gratitude

But by having gratitude, we can increase other things which are not material. We can become happier. We can learn to be happy with what we have. Which, to me, is more genuine happiness than wanting and acquiring 'stuff'. We can feel better about ourselves. We can, by example, teach our children that happiness includes a grateful state of mind, whereas continually wanting creates mental and emotional disarray,

By being grateful we can be less overwhelmed by materialism. We can be less crabby, less dissatisfied. We can be more creative within our own lives, just by using what is around us, rather than using gratitude to 'get what we want', which we mistakenly believe will make us happier.

And, with the Law of Increase, we can become increasingly happier and content. Or, by continually wanting, we can become more and more dissatisfied. I know which I prefer for me.

On a more humorous note: am I alone in constant having to deal with the Law of Increase regarding weight, problems, my home getting cluttered with stuff? And so on. I cleaned out my shoes. I was ruthless. Now, less than a month later, and with only buying two pairs of everyday shoes, my shoe rack is again messy and overloaded! And where did all of those books come from?

But today, the Law of Increase is a good law. I have increasing happiness today. I don't know why, and I don't care why. I am grateful for this happiness increase.

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