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you are unique intro

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Background to You Are Unique

When I was in my mid twenties, I found a book written in 1976, by a woman who had rejuvenated herself. She had turned 40, and looked and felt old. 

As a former psychologist, she felt that she could investigate how, what, and why, this had happened. And the book was what she did find worked for her, to grow more youthful, happier, healthier, and return to work as a psychologist. 

This was in an era where 35 was "old", and women had to overcome a lot of obstacles to have a job. Strange to imagine, now, but true. 

This book, which I still have, totally inspired me. I realised that you didn't have to do much to look and feel better, have a better life, and not race into old age. 

Even though I have since done many things with my life, that book still provides the framework. It was amazing. Plus, she used yoga as her fitness, and body toning. And I had been doing yoga for a few years at this stage.

A difficult time in life

In the 1988 I had just had my 3rd child, after a gap of 17 years. I had no job, no income, no home, hardly any possessions, and was a single mother. I was also living in a difficult situation whilst I awaited some welfare aid, which took it's time coming! 

I had worked 24/7 (no income) during the pregnancy setting up a company with some friends, & I left the job 2 days after the birth, as I had a bad feeling that it was not good to keep going with the company. Time proved me right.

So I wrote a course

But I had to do something!! I am not suited to doing nothing. So, I wrote a course called 'You are Unique'. Which I suppose was a strange thing to do. 

But I had a lot of specialised yoga knowledge & wanted to use that knowledge to help women have a better life. I was teaching private yoga classes, had taught natal throughout my pregnancy, & I had a few clients who were learning the deeper more mystical aspects of yoga. 

I was also meeting a lot of women whose lives were difficult & unbalanced, & I felt that I could write a course, based on yoga, and inspired by the above-mentioned book, that would help all women have a more meaningful & happier life.

I wrote the course, whilst baby slept. She was not the sort of baby who believed in sleeping!

The first course was 10 weeks, the 2nd was 8 weeks & I was looking at upmarketing it. You know, going into an area of professional & wealthier women, although my target market was actually the woman who was not so affluent. Neither was I & I could really relate to their situations. 

Anyway, there were unethical difficulties from a few associates regarding my course, so I withdrew it. 

But I did meet up with some of the women who had done the course, and I swear that I did not recognise them at first. They had changed so much, they had become

  • healthier
  • happier
  • younger
  • more individual
I was so overcome seeing how much these women had grown.

Revamped course

I did do the course again. This time, the students clamoured for me to teach them only what they wanted!! Which was rather strange, but I did comply, & everyone loved it. We did the course as 3 workshops: 

  • Image
  • Abundance
  • Manifestation. 
Different & quite charming.

How I decided to blog the course

Recently, I decided to clean out my life. Physically. As in a Big-Biff-Out. You can guess what I found. Yep. You Are Unique....several workshops of hand-outs, plus Image, Abundance, Manifestation. 

As I read everything, I realised that everything was still current. Strangely. I wrote them all before positive thinking books like The Secret, before we had a plethora of exercise, yoga, or diet, books. 

"I've kept all this for a reason" was my thought. "But what shall I do with it?"

I know. I'll blog it & expand on it. So I did.

But I will tell you, that 1976 book still influences me and what, how and why, I write.

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