Friday, 17 January 2014

you are unique intro

In the 1988 I had just had my 3rd child, after a gap of 17 years...... had no job, no income, no home, hardly any possessions, was a single mother.....& was living in a difficult situation whilst I awaited some welfare aid......which took it's time coming! I had worked 24/7 (no income!) during the pregnancy setting up a company with some friends, & I left the job 2 days after the birth.

I had to do something!! So, I wrote a course called 'You are Unique'. Which I suppose was a strange thing to do. But I had a lot of specialised yoga knowledge & wanted to use that knowledge to help women have a better life. I was teaching private yoga classes, had taught natal throughout my pregnancy, & had clients who were learning the deeper more mystical aspects of yoga. I was also meeting a lot of women whose lives were difficult & unbalanced, & I felt that I could write a course, based on yoga, that would help all women have a more meaningful & happier life.

I consulted an astrologer friend, Hamish Saunders. He told me that I had to do it (the course) myself. Silly Hamish, of course I'd be doing the course material myself!... I taught it, & asked a friend to be involved. The first course was 10 weeks, the 2nd was 8 weeks & I was looking at upmarketing it, you know, going into an area of professional & wealthier women, although my target market was actually the woman who was not so affluent....neither was I & I could really relate to their situations. Anyway, my 'friend' was quietly organising to take the course, elsewhere, herself, & was busy promoting herself, no doubt as being 'unique'. End of course, end of 'friendship'. Should have listened to Hamish.

I did do the course again. This time, the students clamoured for me to teach them what they wanted!! What the.....? Where is it supposed to happen that a course is by a 'do what I (the student) want' situation? But I did & everyone loved it. We did the course as 3 workshops: Image, Abundance, Manifestation. Different & quite charming.

Recently, I decided to clean out my life. Physically. As in a Big-Biff-Out. You can guess what I found. Yep. You Are Unique....several workshops of hand-outs, plus Image, Abundance, Manifestation. I've kept all this for a reason was my thought. But what shall I do with it?

I know. I'll blog it & expand on it.

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