Monday, 29 December 2014

basis for a good life

the basis for a good life could be called the Base of, & for, your life. It's not your job, your family, your achievements, failures's the daily habits we have that create a strong base in able for us to have a good life.

These daily habits are our base & they enable us to fly with the good times, & manage the harder times. No matter what we do in life, the hard times they do come, & with our basics of our life in place, we can get through difficulties easier. We also won't be so inclined to create a mountains out of molehills, we'll be less inclined to be "drama queens". Life is so much happier this way, & without life being unnecessarily hard, life then just gets better. And more meaningful.

The daily habits should be able to be absorbed into our life easily. One way of looking at this is: we have to do certain things anyway, like showering, eating, drinking, moving the body, getting dressed,
going to work or uni, etc, etc.  If these habits make us feel good, be healthier, look better....what a bonus! So really we can reasonably swap 1 way of doing something, for another more effective way, providing it suits us. And sometimes, to find what suits us, we have to try a couple of different things.
The Base of our life should be able to be fitted in, it's not meant to take up all of our life. For a woman to feel good & look good she would be looking at how the inner her: she thinks & feels, particularly about herself (self-esteem); the physical/ health aspect - diet/nutrition, exercise/movement; & the outer her....clothes, posture, image.

I always think of the whole scenario as being like a job where you have work systems. For example: a system to open up a shop/office/building (you get the idea), which would include turning on lights, sorting the alarms, phone messages, emails & other I.T. things. The there would be a similar system for closing the business each night. Ideally these systems become automatic & therefore easy.

So we need efficient systems too, ones that become automatic, that slot easily into our life. And that 'get the job done', so to speak. With relaxed awareness & constant practice everything will become easy.

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