Friday, 1 May 2015

keeping on going

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A wee flu hitch in the life of

Life took an unexpected turn since I last blogged: flu season!! My personal weakness with 'bugs' is the flu, so I always get hit quite hard. 

I have been thinking hard & long about this, it happens every autumn, & I should have remembered my well-ness, or in this case, ill-ness, pattern.

So what did I do to let the dastardly flu get it's evil virus tentacles into me?

  • I was emotionally having a rough time: this is a prime time for our immune system to not feel like 'guarding' our inner health defences
  • I was going to bed too late, mucking around when I could have been organised settling myself, via a routine, into having a good sleep. 
  • And then getting up early. So, not enough sleep
  • I think I should have been more diligent with hand washing, even though it feels as though I'm always washing my hands. I am so over being around people sneezing without covering their mouths. Their wet little germs settle on places, we touch them....., we touch our mouth, or food,.....& get infected
  • I should have been taking vitamin c. I tend to be anaemic, & low vitamin c stores add to having anaemia

So I took myself in hand

  • I have resumed decent sleeping hours, sleep is restorative, we need it to be healthy
  • I'm sitting here drinking water with powdered vitamin c, the easiest way for me to take it. A naturopath once told me to do this, & to also drink rose hip tea for the bioflavinoids that accompany vit c in food. So, will get some rose hip teabags also. It's quite an elegant drink, so I shall feel very special drinking it, plus I have a wee antique tea cup that I'll use for the drink, to amplify the specialness.

I wasn't very organised

So all my prettifying has gone underground as I succumbed to the dreaded bott. I have been suffering from bott-ism. All my new routines went up in a pouf of flu. 

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                      (but I was glad that it was only lady-flu)

Now that I can finally think coherently, I'm planning a triumphant return, like a phoenix arising from the ashes......or from the mucus....or...(you get the idea!!)

But I'm re-grouping

And I'm also thinking of ways to establish a good pre-bed routine.

 I truly believe that in working out ways to do things in our life, we need to try different things until we find a way that suits us, & our life. 

And these routines shouldn't be complicated.....otherwise we just don't do them. So really, it's always about what suits us, not what someone else is doing, although I'm also sneakily 100% into knicking ideas off someone else, & tweeking these ideas, making them our own. I don't mean like slavishly copying. No, not that. But adapting, that's more like it.

I have a few more ideas but will try them 1st, before crowing about them, & perhaps not having them work out.

I'll be more sneakily subtle. I actually really enjoy doing this....then, at the right time: a flamboyant but quiet flourish as I do my ta-da! routine. Not elegant, but so much fun.

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