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colour me gorgeous

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(the colour systems have morphed into more colour forms, over the decades)

Colour me just gorgeous, please

I was chatting with a friend & remarked how much her new bright orange scarf suited her. She had just had "her colours done" with her mother-in-law, who does feng shui with clothes & colour. She was involved with Colour Me Beautiful many years ago, & her system had evolved from then. The friend's next step was The Big Wardrobe Cleanout....... terrifying, no doubt. She ended up with a pile of "great" clothes & some maybes for the time being, all culled from her wardrobe. This sounds rather less daunting than a major biff-out. In time, the maybes will be replaced by the yes! clothes.

My friend looked great, she had new make-up on, discreet of course, but she looked lovely.

There are lots of colour systems

If you have a colour system, & stick with it, any system, it will work. There was once a system for daybreak, daytime & sunset....I tried doing this from a book, & as usual went a tad nutty trying to figure out which one I am. And I have an old book (I love & collect old books!) which has yet another colour system. My sense of sanity forbids me to read those pages.......

Our meridian energy in the aura, and colour

The basics of the warm/cool type colour systems do work. And there is an esoteric reason why: have you heard of meridians? They are lines of energy running through our body, & outside the body in the aura. This is the interesting part: 

  • for a cool-coloured person, they are pink
  • for a warm-coloured person they are apricot
As a clairvoyant, I can see this, so can others. So in the warm/cool system, we are working with what is already there, via these meridians, & also via undertones in the skin.

Our skin gets lighter over the years

I have also found that as my skin tone has gotten lighter over the years, that I also suit softer hues of the colours of my palette...a winter looks good in cool, bright, clear colours, & as long as I adhere to these aspects, I can also use a quieter shade, in, for example, emerald green, purple, fuschia.

Patterns matter too

But it's about more than just colour. Appearance wise, there are other factors.

As well, there are prints. If you are short, big prints look ridiculous. I always think that if you're wide, whether tall or short, there is the danger of looking a giant canvas painting, if you have large flamboyant prints or patterns in your tops. 

And, for economy's sake, I like to confine my prints to 1 area of my body, mostly because I don't handle too much pattern near my face. I do have a bright retro scarf of bright auric colours, & I use it only to teach about auras or, chakras-in-the-aura, as I find that it helps the students during the workshops, it's an effective visual aid. I tie it like a man's tie, but a bit looser & lower, & feel very smug doing this. It takes me back to my youth when I often would wear a man's tie & cuff links...I thought that I was so chic.

I generally use a print on the lower 1/2 of my body in pants mostly but I've had some lovely patterned skirts over the years. That's my personal preference, but for you it could be on your upper torso, or on a 3rd layer, such as jackets, cardis, scarves, whatever is your choice.

Why a colour system is helpful

If you just like to have tons of clothes, a system won't really matter, but for those of us who like a smaller wardrobe, or finances dictate that we need a smaller one, a system will set you free from the tyranny of "I've got nothing to wear"!

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