Thursday, 11 June 2015

weekly update

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It's been a full - on time

What a week! Family "things" have caused havoc - I'm from a very large family of mostly girls, some of us have had kids, some have grandchildren, so something is always happening with someone, &, being a large family, we do tend to, well, be involved with what is happening with each other.

Plus one of my kids, an adult, had major surgery. We all kept each other informed with it: facebook, emails, texts, phone calls. No privacy, really, but in a big family, this is how it is. People care, deeply, & want to do their bit for the family member who they think needs help. Sometimes it's actually more about heaps of us turning up to "help" when in secret reality, it's a family reunion of whoever is able to come.

And a lovely niece is very sick, so 2 of us are having pixie haircuts (her Nanna & me, so far...might be more) to match hers as she undergoes treatment.

For me, this is a brave step, for I shall end up looking like Liza Minnelli, & whilst I think Liza is great, that's not how I want to actually look. Ah, the things we do for love, in this case, of my niece.

And I got bitten, very sorely, by a frantic leaping dog who attacked my bottom. I was a tad tender for the next few days, plus used up 1 day having health checks.

Still being unique

I managed to maintain being unique, quite a bit, with my wee daily list, except on the night that I was so exhausted that I walked in through the front door & fell early onto the bed, & slept till late the next morning. I also realised that for what I want to do with my life, I have to get up even earlier & be more focused in the morning. I'm looking at not opening the computer, 5 days a week (I teach yoga early 2 days a week), before 9am, & getting my wee cottage presentable 1st thing. 

This is my next project: a quick, but nice, morning maintenance routine for my abode. One thing not on my list, that I have effortlessly slotted into my life, is cooking rice & vege for wee doggy (I buy cooked chicken for her), & popping on some dhal (lentils, or split peas) with whatever vege are lurking in the fridge, most mornings, so that I have a lunch that I like.

Baths have gone by-the-by for a while as it is so cold, & my bathroom is not heated. Am still "prettifying" most mornings, & eating my nice muesli for breakfast. If I hadn't had a diary, what with work, wee doggy, large extended family, my own mishaps, I would not have managed to fit everything into my life.

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