Sunday, 23 August 2015

new beginnings

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Spring is a time of new beginnings

Spring has well & truly sprung, in Auckland, New Zealand. And with spring comes a new energy, we start to stir from the slumber, rain, wind, & colds of winter. Spring is a time of hope & new beginnings.

Spring is the time to prepare for summer. It is the time when we spring-clean....we go through our home: cleaning, & biffing. Which I happily did, today. I've a big pile of "stuff" for the local op-shop. 

Actually, I'm also tossing most of my clothes as they don't fit in with my "new" colour palette & body shape. As we look at ourselves, seeing what does & doesn't work...we need to "clear the decks", removing the old to make way for the new. 

An abundance secret

This is a wonderful principle of abundance. Get rid of what you have finished with, don't need.....which creates a void....which then gets filled with the new. Plus,  if we clean & organise in spring, we are then free to have a great summer.

And a planning secret

I've also been preparing for the future, with directions here for sure. When it's cold & wet, & days are shorter, in winter, we can use this time to sort out & plan our life & things that we need to do, then, when spring comes, we can implement our new plans, or the next phase of our ongoing plans.

And I have been rethinking my diet & exercise in preparation for the lighter days of spring & then summer.

My diet changes with the seasons

 I like to alter my diet with the seasons. The warm, nourishing food of winter is just so inappropriate for summer....& is even getting too heavy in Spring. A friend popped in & I was asking her about her diet because she always looks so young, trim & vital, & I am so copying it. If you ask around you often find new ways of doing, being, that you can try to see if they suit you. I'm not really keen on cooking so I like to find out new ways to get around this! 

Briefly, she has porridge with chia seeds & some protein powder, for breakfast. I have porridge with oatbran & I like to chai up my porridge with anything from cardamon, to also adding cinnamon, ginger, tumeric & vanilla. Yum. 

Then she has mostly tuna or chicken with salad or vegies for her other meals. All sounds tres yummy, & is totally do-able for me. I started today. I finally have organised myself a bit better with available emergency food at home: 

I've got Quorn (vegetarian protein) & vegies in the freezer, & tinned fish in the cupboards. I'm feeling quite superior about this wee bit of organisation, to be honest. I've also been having a giant latte bowl of hot water, lemon, ginger & honey as my evening drink. It's very fulling & keeps my glucose levels up overnight so that I feel more alert in the morning. And stops evening snacking: another bonus.

In spring we like to move more

And in spring we start to want to exercise, & get out in the sun & fresh air, so this is an ideal time to step up our walking, gardening, whatever we like to do that can be done outside & makes us feel good.

When we feel good, & are improving our fitness, our vitality & uniqueness shines through.

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