Tuesday, 21 June 2016

30 chic days: day 9: food matters

Today was a good day in terms of chic food. And this was my personal focus for the day. I started off with 2 poached eggs on vogels roast.....couldn't get through more than 1 egg before I realised that I ate this breakfast because I felt that I "should". Because it is healthy. Because when we eat eggs for breakfast, we eat up to 400 calories less during that day. I wasn't enjoying my meal...& it is not chic to eat food that makes us miserable.....so I tossed it & picked up a lovely chai on my way to take a couple of classes. Later I had 1/2 of a banana to tide me over for a late lunch at my eldest daughters'.....provided by moi. Slivers of ham..not much, & a thin layer of chilli cream cheese on 1/2 a whole meal roti, then the other 1/2 folded over the top. I love rotis & am very good at making these, but today I bought them. I ate 3...but really, 2 would have been fine. At french cafes, the baguettes have a very thin layer of perhaps 2 fillings, so I emulated this. A percolated coffee, & for dessert, a wee demitasse cup filled with creamy mango yoghurt.

Dinner was a very small bowl of mince & vege, plus 1/2 a ciabatta roll, a sliver of blue vein cheese. By eating my 2 meals slowly, enjoying & focusing on them...I wasn't hungry. So this is my new regime: eat real food that is as frenchified as I can, preferably at home or with friends, eat slowly, enjoy the food. Small portions. Butter only at breakfast, if I'm having a roll or bread. More fruit & vege. Fruit or yoghurt for dessert, if I want a dessert. A pudding no more than once a week. Hot trim milk before bed....a great nightcap! Little things which I hope will bring big results.

If you want to improve your diet, I can heartily recommend that you read Fiona Ferris's chapter on Eat Real Food, in her new book: 30 Chic Days. You can download this on her howtobechic.com website...which, incidentally is the most enjoyable blog site ever. Fiona tells how she changed her diet to be more healthy, & more chic. Effortlessly.

Exercise: yoga & meditation before taking 2 classes. Yoga in the morning is excellent for keeping our body supple & graceful, for keeping our back healthy, & also for stabilising blood sugar..it's not necessary to do the hard stuff, just maybe 10-15 minutes of warm-up type stuff is fine. Standing: side to side, a dynamic twist, hip circles, backwards & forwards. Then do cat, cobra, mountain/downdog. child. Now onto your back for bridge, reclining spinal twist, bend knees to chest & clasp legs whilst you bring your head to your knees. Do everything 3 times, without straining, without getting tired, this really helps with blood sugar. Finish by lying down in reclined butterfly....legs wide apart, soles of feet touching. Be aware of the rise & fall of your abdomen as you relax with each exhale. All doable. When dealing with something that is inflammatory in the body, hard yoga poses are counterproductive. Do less instead, skip the fancy stuff, & this will encourage the body to slow down on the inflammatory stress responses. Much more chic, too!

I wore a slightly baggy pair of brown/black/white, patterned trousers; muted fuschia tee; black cardi; black ballerinas. I had 2 lovely compliments today about me looking really good: a boost to the eki (equilibrium!), for sure. proof that am slowly becoming more chic, perchance?

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