Friday, 10 June 2016

beauty with Camellia Iordache

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My dear friend Camellia Iordache (ee-or-dar-chay) came to see me recently. Camellia is a beautician, make-up artiste, masseuse, aromatherapist & skin care maven. 

I luxuriated in a facial with exfoliation, mask, eyebrow tidy-up, eyebrow & eyelash tinting, facial & scalp massage. Camellia uses natural products, & I have used one of her facial blends before, she tailors them to the individual. This time she gave me an jojoba & geranium blend in the face massage. Bliss personified. 

Honestly, I was in a very good brain-state by the time she had finished. Helped, no doubt, by the fact that she has healing hands. As a healer, I always recognise when someone else has such hands!

Camellia is most interesting. She asks what skin care etc one is already using. Last time that I saw her she gave me an eco sponge, which sadly has finished, but it was to wash my face with each morning, especially because I have oily skin. 

This time, she gave me a wee bottle of castor oil with a dropper, to dab on my eyelashes & eyebrows at nights, & to rub into my hair the night before I wash it, & an Italian natural moisturiser to try out, that would suit my skin. Other times she has said: use this, not that, when I've told her what skincare that I use. And told me why to use or not use things, pertinent to myself. Ever since Camellia recommended rosewater as a toner for me, I have used it.

Then Camellia went through my make-up. I have a face powder, 2 blushers, eyeshadows, & 2 lipsticks which I truly did not like, even though they had been "prescribed" for me. She was adamant that they were not for me (phew!). 

When she told me why, I was so impressed. Camellia is about people looking good (& yes, she does look great!), & she pointed out that some of the colours, although they had been matched to my skin tone....they also made me "disappear", which is ironic, because whenever I had worn them, I had felt my personality withdrawing, & had felt myself getting "down". 

She okayed another lipstick which brightened up my face, showed me how to properly apply a black pencil (as opposed to my other brown one) to flatter my eyes, gave me 2 samples of Radience foundations to see how I liked them: one was a CC cream, & it was lovely, the other is applied with a sponge, & she showed me how to use the sponge. Another time, she showed me how to  properly use an eyebrow pencil, & I'm still using the colour that she recommended.

So I was left with beautiful skin, feeling wonderful, & knowing how to use the products that she recommended. Lucky me. 

Camellia does for me what other make-up artists & beauticians have not done. She looks at what one already has, tells you what suits you, what to keep, & makes recommendations about what to use instead of things that aren't the best choice for us. She also explains why to keep using some things, & why not to use some of our other stuff.

And all this, I feel, is what we actually want: 

  • someone to look at us a person who just wants to look good
  • to enhance what we already have
  • respect what we have that already works
  • fill in the gaps where needed. 
I am amazed how much much Camellia has taught me.  She can be contacted through facebook if you would like some skin care or make-up guidance, massage, or yoga for pregnancy. I 100% recommend her.

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