Sunday, 12 June 2016

how to be chic: 30 chic days

                                   C'est Moi
                                           (Fiona Ferris)

Learning how to be chic

howtobechic is Fiona Ferris's blog on being chic, french-style. It is a lovely blog & I've been reading it faithfully for some years now.  Fiona does a 30 chic days series, & she is onto her 4th round. She has invited anyone who cares to join in, to record how they are getting on. Fiona is on her 6th day, so I'm going to be starting a bit late, but, as Fiona is a fellow kiwi (New Zealander), I thought it would be lovely to join in.
Fiona has some of her chic books already on sale, internationally, & you can clip onto the appropriate book to see. It really benefits Fiona if we click on from her blog page, so I recommend that. Now she has a bigger book out: "30 chic days" which promises to be a lovely read.

So in this 30 day challenge, there are 3 goals:

  • awareness of what we are doing each day
  • where we are placing our focus
  • remembering what we want to achieve

Plus:  recording what we 

  • ate
  • read
  • wore
  • how we moved our body
  • & our focus for the day

Here I go!

I woke up this morning realising that I am tired & getting "chesty", & not up to doing my morning sun salutes plus a few poses. I trotted off to our local wee group of shops, walking briskly, as I imagine a true Parisienne would do, to go to the laundromat & succumb to buying an over the counter remedy for loosening chest mucus, thereby, hopefully, preventing an infection. This may have been my most extreme movement today for I sense that I need a rest. So, I do realise that today is not the most auspicious day for me to start, but I also know that it's better to actually start, no matter what. I shall be doing a housework blitz later today.

Today I read, via m'sieur google. about Ines de la Fressange, who is the epitome of Parisianne chic. Ines is a still a french model, inspirer, author, mother, shop owner, but most of all, for me today, she gives out hints about how to be chic So:

  • I notice that her hair is chicly messy, so I washed my hair & ruffled it messy
  • patted on a touch of foundation (which Ines does use)
  • defined my eyes as my dear friend Camille taught me 
  • & wore some lipstick

I wore:

  • some really nice old-looking (yet weirdly expensive!) jeggings
  • a royal blue merino jumper
  • some ballet flats
  • & a chic wee black cardi from The House of G (Glassons)
Chic...n'est pa?

Plans and achievements

  • my focus for the day is rest & restore whilst being chic! 
  • what I want to achieve is a rest, & sticking to my chic plan
  • and maybe do a bit more Ines stalking


  • breakfast was about 1/2 cup of curried brown lentils on a slice of vogels with 1 poached egg, a couple of cups of coffee
  • lunch was not chic....a sandwich from a bakery which makes lovely bread
  • dinner is going to be a wee slice of bacon & egg pie, grated carrot, with a medley of mushroom, onion, courgette, silverbeet
  • any snacks will just be a small Gopals yoghurt
  • and a small mug of warm milk before bed

If anyone is interested in joining in, please let Fiona know, via her site, or facebook, how you are getting on. It will all be fun.......

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  1. Thanks so much for joining in! What fun. I love reading about others routines, I think I'm naturally quite nosy :) I love Ines too, so chic, and I love her androgynous style.

    Carry on the good work!


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