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30 chic days: day 29: what I learnt from joining in with

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I have almost finished blogging my first ever 30 chic days, as part of a general, international, invite from blogger Fiona Ferris and her internationally successful How To Be Chic blog site, to do 30 chic days with her. Fiona is on facebook also. Fiona's new book 30 Chic Days is a bestseller on Amazon - way to go Fiona!! The 30 chic days that I have been doing is to support that. Fiona is also a fellow kiwi, so that was an extra impetus.

I also spent a whole night binge reading her 30 chic days series, of which she has done four. The best type of bingeing, in my opinion. I must be honest, being chic is a wee bit new to me. I was once, when I worked with a Swiss-Italian woman who inspired a friend and myself to copy her. I loved doing that. But that was back in the day, and life then took over. There was no time for chicness, or so I thought.

What is chic?

Chic-ness is to do with skill, accomplishment and denotes a certain flair, a certain je ne sais quoi. Fiona certainly looks chic, although I do notice that she has emphasised more, one's inner qualities. Such as serenity, gratitude, organisation, thrift, and she not only works on these things, but periodically also reviews them, for herself. Which in itself, is quite chic, I feel.

So that is a really important hint: learn to be skilled in an area of quality, and revisit it from time to time. Fiona has also made her home life rather chic, and this has inspired me.  She had little routines and little arrangements in her home. 

What I have personally learnt

I have been updating my routines over this 30 days, so that is a big plus. And, as a visual person, I tend to need whatever I am involved in, to be within sight, but I am being more dedicated with my diary lists instead, rather than have clutter, and putting my wee "doing" stack away. Which of course, is chic.

Fiona also has many posts on her blogs about clothes, dressing, elegance, and beauty. The main lesson in maintaining your complexion, according to Fiona, is regularity. I agree. I have been more methodical in this. She changed her life to include little routines. For  example, extra hand, nail and chest care. It inspired me: over this 30 days, I have been massaging my hands and chest each evening before bed.

I also notice that Fiona dresses tres chic-ly, she is very up to date in an elegant way. I have been secretly watching wherever I go, to see who is chic. My understanding of chic dressing has changed, and I like it. This will be an ongoing project for me: moving into appearance chic.

I realised quite quickly into the 30 chic days, that I really did not enjoy writing so much about myself. And my diet was not that interesting. Fiona has some lovely food posts & recipes. A while ago, I was going to post my recipe for red lentil soup, but something made me look to see if Fiona had also done so. She had! It was a bit different, but I was quite tickled by this. (I didn't post my recipe!)

But I was okay with posting each day. It was a happy priority. I only missed a day, when the internet was not working in my area. I have lived and practised awareness for most of my life, but over these 30 chic days, I needed to have a different sort of awareness: was I dressing chic? was I behaving chic-ly? was I speaking chic-ly? was I eating chic-ly? and so on. This was new. And enjoyable. The whole 30 days has also been fun. So, thank you Fiona.

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