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I have used affirmations, mostly unsuccessfully, for many years. It was not until a woman taught me a technique to change self beliefs that derived from very difficult situations over my lifetime, that I learnt how to unscramble my brain circuitry.

Prior to that, most of them did not work. Sometimes we just are doing the wrong affirmations for ourselves (which I obviously was doing!), and I do believe that they have to resonate with us. I have two that I have used for most of my life, they are simple yet effective, and based on attitudes. The second is also about doing: 

  • I believe in life, I believe in love, & I believe in myself
  • I do what I have to do willingly & cheerfully
I found that these two take away sulking, resentment, and self pity. Instead they produce a positive attitude, and expectation of good things. Which is why I like them.

The other excellent type of easy affirmation is of course: 

  • thank you, Universe
An absolute winner. So useful, so life changing. 

How to enhance our affirmations

It really helps if we can be automatic with our affirmation responses. As if those affirmations are just the way that we naturally think. And it works! Because studies have shown that we become happier when we do the gratitude "thing". And, we become more positive towards others, so gratitude is great for our social skills too. The part of the brain that is affected also has some "doing" skills, so we get smarter in other ways, too.

Tracks of our minds

We are always going to have a gazillion trillion thoughts inside of us. The ones that seem to affect us the most, whether positive or negative, they simply have made deeper, stronger, tracks in our brains. It always reminds me of that beautiful Smokey Robinson song: Tracks of My Tears. I always imagine tears creating pathways down our faces. Well, it's like that in the brain. We have pathways of thoughts, and to be a positive thinker, we can use how our brain works, to our advantage. 

Each time we have a conscious thought, or thought response, it creates a little sort of electrical charge through the brain, as neurons fire the message of that thought, through the brain. Keep repeating that same thought, and the neuron impulses along that pathway get stronger and stronger, until we end up with a strong automatic pattern in the brain, relating to that thought. So, if we decide to make positive statements, they can start to become our reality as they take over the older perhaps negative and defeatist thoughts. You know: the "I can't"; the negative thoughts & feelings of "whom I am" and "what I look like".

If we have positive, rather than negative statements, according to studies from Thomas Jefferson University, the frontal lobes of our brain are also strengthened. It is this area of the brain where we are able to discern between right and wrong, so here we can also be able to respond appropriately with others. Here we are also able to make good decisions, which is so important in our life.

Looking to our futures

It really helps to have our brains working well, not only for our current life, but for the future. It would be really nice to be healthy in our body, and brain, when we are of considerable years. Some of the very best ways to do this are: 

  • rewire your brain. This is a gradual ongoing thing so that it is less stressed (brain stress is a real ager!)
  • by being more positive
  • by doing one thing at a time, as constant multitasking is stressful to our brains
  • have just a few affirmations that denote that "we just are that way", Use them, often. There are other things to do too, exercise being paramount
Do it today

But today it's being positive, and affirmations. And how does it affect us, image wise, or image-ination wise?
  • we feel better, and that is such a blessing
  • so naturally, we behave in easier ways
  • this rubs off on our families, friends, & work situations
  • which in turn just makes our life better
  • it all creates an energy, and that energy somehow seems to pick up speed, so that life keeps getting better
  • we feel better, therefore we look better
  • we are better
  • when the hard times come, we are able to deal with them better, because our brains are now thinking in more proactive ways.

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