Monday, 15 August 2016

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Spring Has Sprung

Spring arrived this week. After a very cold spell, preceded by lots of rain. I, for one, hope that it is here to stay. Until summer, at least, with no slips back into a cold and wet winter. I always think of spring as a time of hope, enthusiasm, and eagerness to get things done!

How To Plan With The Seasons

  • one of the best things that I ever learnt, is to plan in winter. Whatever. Get your plan of action ready. Plot your course
  • then, come spring, step into doing whatever it is you would like to achieve. Get it going, rev it up, before it gets too hot and we want to play in the long, hazy days of summer
  • when summer does arrive, whatever you're doing has already built up speed. We can keep it going and coast along doing it in summer 
  • we can have a bit of a wind-down if it's needed in autumn when we are getting ready to "hibernate" on some level
  • then back to rebuilding and re-planning, whilst we keep on going, in winter
  • so that come spring, we are off again, with an almighty effort.

How To Plan With The Moon

The other excellent tip, is to use the full moon in the same way:

  • plot, plan, in the waning moon, traditionally known as a time when we have lower energy, especially use the last seven days of the twenty-eight day moon cycle
  • when the new moon arrives, we start our project
  • the energy around our project will build up all the way to the full moon
  • then, again it is coasting time as the moon energy slowly winds down again. 
This is a wonderful way of doing the increment thing. You know, make changes in small increments. Doing this each month can become a habit, and is not too stressful. Whereas we can use the seasonal approach for our bigger plans.

Spring Is For Shredding

And at some point in spring, it's also time to "shed" things. You know, the warm clothes, bedding, food and drink that has kept us fortified for winter. In winter, I get just plain miserable eating cold food, I can't even handle cold water drinks, even though I don't actually get as cold as many others do, during the cold, wet season. But today, I am plotting and planning my next excursion to the plant shops for quick growing greens and herbs for spring salads. And getting ready to say "adieu" to my warm breakfast porridge.

Fresh And Light For Spring

Spring makes me think of the words "fresh and light":

  • we start to eat fresher, lighter food
  • our makeup should go the same way, too: fresh and light. In other words, start peeling off the layers of make-up so that come summer, we are wearing very little
  • start making our make-up not only lighter in application, but also looking a bit fresher, a touch more pinky, or apricot, depending on your skin undertones
  • less eye stuff
  • even our hair, if we colour it, can be a tad lighter, signalling something fresh.

Lighten Up Your Wardrobe For Spring

We can merge our wardrobe for spring. By adding some lighter summer clothes to replace some of the warm, winter gear. In spring, it can still rain, it's just not so freezing and windy at the same time. And other days are so crisp, so fresh. And so darned freezing. Then there are the warmer, sunnier days. So we still need some warm clothes, our brollies, and some lighter garments.

  • wee cardis instead of bulky, warm ones
  • layering tees instead of jumpers
  • scarves which are less bulky than our winter woolly ones
  • mix in some of the summer clothes with the winter ones, as needed
  • if you wear different types of jewellery, signal the freshness of spring here, too
  • we tend to wear more sombre clothes in winter, but in spring if we add some more colour, it just "lifts" everything
  • in summer, when it's hot, we need somewhat cooler colours, but in autumn & spring, we can use some of the warmer, brighter colours, such as reds, which are simply a bit much in the heat of summer.  Even though red is also excellent for winter, in the in-between seasons: spring and autumn, our reds and oranges, can be in lighter fabrics.

Time to resume walks

Spring is the ideal time to go walking. It's quite disheartening when you want to sally forth for your daily constitutional, and it's so early it's still dark, and/or torrential rain. But now, it's light enough to go morning and/or evening. What a blessing.

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