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Give Your Skin A Drink

aka as putting on body lotion, oils, whatever. 

I'm currently ploughing my way through some oils & a body lotion, wanting to use them all up before I resume making & using my love oils. I think it's uncool & unchic to waste things, so I'm methodically doing the right thing here.

But, the mousse-type Palmers cocoa butter spray that I have is just awful. I will probably bin it, albeit sneakily. 

Using oils

Currently, I've added baby oil to thick, guggy, Palmers cocoa butter lotion (which smells delicious) to make it spreadable. I've also added olive oil to a fancy natural oil with rosehip to extend it's life, & when that's finished I'll do the same with an exotic vial of coconut oil. Then it's back to using my love oils.

I used to make love oils, & loved making & using them. I charmed them, continued the charm overnight, did them on the "correct" day. It was so enjoyable. I stopped doing them only because I was too busy to sell them, but I'll now do them for gifts, & for moi. I'm at a wee village market about once a month, so I can also sell them there.

There are several ways to use oils:

  • using them to extend your lotions is a good way
  • you can use oils from the kitchen, baby oil
  • you can apply an oil at the end of your shower whilst the shower is still going. Then pat dry after.
  • or, when you step out of the shower, before you dry yourself, apply the oil then....pat yourself dry after. 

Both are messy methods, but very effective, as the oils are sealing in the water, or moisture. Often people don't realise that we need moisture under our oils, in this case, water, for the oils to work well on our skin. 

Another method which I often use, is with a wet flannel. I tip some oil onto it, & just wipe it over my skin after I've dried myself. 

As lovely as it is to use expensive oils, there are other options:

  • kitchen oils like olive (great for sore muscles)
  • or grapeseed (contains vitamin E)
  • I love almond oil
  • & apricot oil has vitamin A, so is excellent
  • but...I have also used baby oil when I have had to watch my money

And Our Face

We can do similar on our decollete, neck, & face, by adding water. 

  • After your have cleansed your face, spray on a toner before you add moisturiser, night cream, whatever.  
  • Another method, when you have more time, is to hold a very warm flannel to your face to add water, then use your moisturiser. 

What I have been doing lately, is:

  1.  clean
  2. do the above "flannel thing"
  3. then I add just a few drops of oil to my face. The idea is to add just a light covering. I'm currently using a rosehip oil, which does seem to be lightening my sunspots. 
  4. Next, spray with your toner on top of the touch of oil, & I use rosewater, to which I add a few drops of essential oil.....& I have the correct crystals for my skin in my rosewater. At present my rosewater is from an Indian supermarket, so it's food grade. And I must say, it is excellent. 
  5. The next step is to add moisturiser. 
You will be amazed at the difference that all this hydration & layering makes to your skin. Even if you just did it once or twice a week.

Face steaming

So, how else can we moisturise our skin? Steaming our face is a good way. And a very old fashioned way, but if my secret mentor Elizabeth Hurley does can we. 

  1. clean your face first
  2. put some boiling hot water in a container
  3. you can also add herbs: a chamomile tea bag, some lavender, whatever! And, or, essential oils. Like lavender, ylang ylang, chamomile, tea tree. 
  4. put your head over the pot & allow the steam to settle onto your face. 
  5. you can use an exfoliating mask or scrub after, or any mask, really.

More moisture tips

  • Drinking water is, of course, the ultimate skin hydrator
  • And so is eating water filled foods, like most fruit & vegetables.  
  • And, another great hydrator, which I don't do, because I dislike doing such things when it's cold, is to splash cold water onto your face after cleansing. Do it at least 15 times, more is better.

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