Tuesday, 25 April 2017

character and beliefs

self expression

Sometimes, life just does not feel so great. Not chic, nor glamorous, nor healthy. Sometimes it feels just plain boring! Obstacles abound. We feel unable to express ourselves in our lives. I am not talking here just about talking, for we express ourselves in so many ways. 

We express ourselves through our personality, our character, and our beliefs.


Personality covers so many facets: 

  • a person can be artistic
  • or have a business mind
  • or be a teacher, for example
  • and be either introverted or extroverted
  • organised or messy, 
  • loud or soft
  • spontaneous or self contained. 

We have so many aspects to our personality! Our personality, we could say, defines who we are as an outer expression of ourselves.

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With our character, it is more to do with things that we do. We all know people whose character is mean, others whose character is generous. 

But it also includes society's judgement of character, and (often "hidden") rules. And even this can be further defined by the attributes of character, according to one's family, one's school, religion. 

However, there are some things that a person of good character does and doesn't do.

Sometimes if I am feeling a bit blue:

  • I like to look and what I have been doing that I would normally not do
  • things that could be against  my character, so to speak
  • where I have been compromising myself. 
And this can be so subtle, and even done bit by bit, without us realising, until things just aren't working out, and our self expression is just not what is when we are "in character".
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Then there are our beliefs, which obviously refers to what we believe in. I read once that we really only do things if we believe in them. I taught yoga for decades (I still do!), because I believed in it. I meditate frequently: because I believe in it. I am a healer. Again, because I believe in it.

I get secretly upset watching and hearing people browbeating others about truth, honesty, non-violence, if I know that those people are not doing these behind everyone's backs. I get upset because I so believe in being a decent person, and not lying. These are two of my beliefs.

Our beliefs are another facet behind our character and our personality. I have found, for me, that when I go against the beliefs that are:

  • deep in my heart
  • in my gut
  • and within my own innate wisdom
that this is another time when life just isn't as "right" as it could be.

What are some of your beliefs? Ideally our beliefs are easy to include in our behaviour. For example:

  • if you believe in not eating meat in any form, it is easier for you to be a vegetarian
  • if you believe in eating healthy foods, or in being healthy physically with exercise, then it is easier to do those things
  • if you believe in having a clean and tidy home, then that is something that you will do.

Sometimes I like to reassess my beliefs

If you believe in being a decent person, then the character part of you will do and say things to be this person. I think that this is one of the reasons why it is important to assess our beliefs from time to time, because of the rebound effect with our inner self. When we go against our beliefs, we do tend to become angry, unhappy, ashamed...... we can have a myriad of not so positive feelings predominate.

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                                       (Bruce Lee)

being unique

These three aspects of ourselves: personality, character, and belief, are interwoven. And just like putting ourselves together on the outside, with our appearance, the inside matters too. I think that it matters more, for, to look great but be unhappy .... it's not good for us.


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