Sunday, 14 May 2017

Life's little pleasures

I was reading a blog which I particularly like, Devon Dreaming, and I realised that I liked it because it reminded me that in life, it's okay, and it's nice, to have little pleasures.  And those little pleasures can and do change with life's passages.

children are such a pleasure

At present, one of my family's biggest pleasures, is our wee toddler. He and his mother, one of my grand daughters,  have brought so much joy to us all. At his first birthday party I watched as one by one, we walked into his home....straight to him! As though no one else existed, with our face beaming, and our eyes tender. Definitely our biggest pleasure.

However, wee one has his own pleasures, such as

  • "riding" Nannie's ponies
  • riding his "bike" (ie being pushed by mum)
  • pushing his toy walking aid, which is just so cool.  
And of course, we think that he is Master Cool, too.

the pleasures of our heart

I have such treasured memories of my three children, and five grandchildren. Little moments in time, forever etched in tender memories, and in my heart.

I am wondering if life's pleasures are perhaps not the things that we think bring us pleasure, but these deeper, heart filled moments, are actually the true treasures. These are the times that money just cannot buy. 

Although I have spent most of my life immersed in spirituality, and have supreme knowledge and majestic experiences of chakras, spiritual bodies, realms....etc....etc... none of it has compared to the memories stored in my heart.

                         Image result for heart and love 

simple pleasures matter 

Nevertheless, simple pleasures can make life nice. I was thinking about my other simple pleasures, and I was wondering why I didn't do all of them. I find it miserable going for an early morning walk around where I live. There are a couple of bays close by, and parks .... why have I not been walking there?

I changed my meditation a few years ago, to one that had been given to me by an Indian astrologer, involving the sun, and a simple mantra (like a sentence) to go with it. It is so immediate in producing calm and happiness that I definitely would have to say that it has become one of my daily pleasures. 

And I go to a friend's once a fortnight for crystal meditation .... because it brings me pleasure. I sometimes work in a koha (payment by donation) healing clinic, because it gives me pleasure.

                     Image result for titirangi sunrise
                        sunrise at Wood Bay, near where I live

I know that I have other unusual things that give me pleasure, such as:

  • baking bread
  • being at the seashore... lovely 
  • being up and about just before dawn, the magical hour. (But I seldom do)
  • and I had forgotten that I wanted to travel more .... how could I have forgotten that? 
Sometimes daily life gets so full that we forget our focus for things that we want to do in our life, and definitely I have found that incorporating pleasure gets pushed to the side quite often. So this afternoon I made a point of taking our wee doggy to Titirangi beach, in west Auckland, for wee doggy and myself to have some "pleasure time." The pleasure for me, of course, was watching wee doggy running with the wind, and playing with a new doggy friend.

                    Image result for titirangi beaches

                                    Titirangi beach

I think that it is a lovely, and useful, idea, to make a list of things that give you pleasure. And then have a think about how you can easily incorporate them into your life.

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