Monday, 26 June 2017

how to be a Goddess

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are you a goddess?

How can we mere mortals be a Goddess? We can.

We can be a Goddess in our own life, and of our own life. We can be a Goddess to our partner, our children, grandchildren, family, friends... to many people!

When we are loved by someone, we are a Goddess to them. When we, in turn, love, we are a Goddess. So for me, being a Goddess is about love. And caring. I have friends who are absolute Goddesses for the myriad of times that they have been there for me. I hope that I am a Goddess to them.

Each Goddess in the universal scheme of things, brings something unique to us. So, I feel that to be a Goddess, we can do that too. 

Bring something unique, of ourselves, to our own universe. Maybe that special something is like a gift that is special to oneself. A gift that we give to others. Many of us can do similar things but I do think that it is the way that each of us does our special gift, that adds to Goddess-ness.

what is your special gift?

What do you give that is unique to you because of the way that you do it?

When I think of all the females in my life, family and friends, I can see that each person does indeed have a special gift. I look at my daughters and grand-daughters and am grateful that I have always been able to see, feel, and appreciate their unique gifts. 

Some gifts are right out there to see, such as being an artist, or a singer, but there are other gifts too.

The gift of:

  • communicating with creatures such as animals and birds
  • being amazing with children
  • loyalty
  • laughter
  • kindness
  • bravery
  • grace

for example. These are all important too, and, I think, are extremely special.

show your inner light

I encourage all of us to think about this, and be brave enough to allow our own inner light, our own Goddess-ness to shine through, with whatever is unique to us, and in the manner in which we express it. And to encourage fellow Goddesses to do the same.

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