Friday, 27 October 2017

Change of Attitude

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I have been having a LOT of angst due to:

  •  my old and sad computers, 
  • minimal weird microsoft word, 
  • and shared dicey internet. 
It had been so hard to get my blogs done, and taking so long. So I sallied forth with one of my (adult) children to buy a new computer, believing that this would magically 'fix' my problem.  I came back without one, as so many extras to pay for, were being added onto the recommended computer, adding over $800 worth of extra costs. I was not a happy punter.

Doing something about it

So, I decided to merely change my attitude. After all, a good cook doesn't insist that they have the best equipment and the top quality food, to cook with. No, they cook great food with what is available. And it's delicious. 

As you might suspect by my computer attitude, I am not a great cook. I am, rather, a Loaves and Fishes cook. Meaning I'm really good at rustling up simple, very ordinary, food for the masses, with just what's available. Not very creative, but it's okay. And I do this as seldom as possible. In fact, I avoid doing it.

Inspiring role models

Then I remembered that J. K. Rowling wrote her Harry Potter books in a cafe. I can do that, I thought, and use their internet connection! Especially as there is a fantastic cafe just over the road from where I live. And when I'm getting coffee-logged (like water-logged only with coffee), I can go the the local library and log onto their internet, with my own computer. And it costs nothing! So, that was an attitude change with the dicey internet connection.

I also remembered a writer called Leslie Kenton, who became world famous for her beauty, and diet, books. Leslie was a single mum with four children. She became Heath and Beauty editor for Harpers Bazaar, before she wrote all of her books, and I think that it was the British edition. As you can guess, Leslie was not exactly flush with money. She put a typewriter on the bottom step of the stairs inside her house, as her desk, sat on the floor at the base of the stairs... and typed her articles. Now, I'm assuming that this didn't last long, after all, it's a Big Deal to be beauty editor of Harpers Bazaar. But, she did start this way. What an attitude!

How I have benefitted

This made me realise that I don't actually ne-e-ed a new computer. (But I do want one). But, I can make do. It won't affect my writing. Whereas previously, I was so sure that having sad computers was making me a bad writer.

A  change of attitude. It feels so good, so positive. This change is even making me feel lucky! I shall hang onto this feeling.

Of course, we all have moments like this. When we just changed our attitude. When we looked around at what we could do, and a different way to do it. When magically something wasn't quite so hard. I thought about this for a while. Whilst I really am into the Ancient Practice Of Gratitude, I realised that just being grateful that I had two inefficient computers, and an internet connection that may or may not work, at any time, simply wasn't enough.

And I became a Do-er

I am thinking, feeling, whatever, that sometimes, along with gratitude, we need to have a doing attitude, in order to Get Things Done. Somehow, this is more realistic for me.

And, I'm sure that it would be more realistic for you. Look at things that aren't so easy, and see how you can work around it. Honestly, doing this with the former computer problem (because it's not a problem for me, now, right?) has released a ton of energy and optimism inside of me. I can't wait to write!! So different from the weeks of (self inflicted) angst, when I couldn't look at things in a more positive light.

I had always prided myself on not needing much to be happy. And I had stepped out of my beliefs!! But I'm back. And I love my new change of attitude with my computers.

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