Thursday, 21 December 2017

Christmas Countdown: the feeding of Santa's helpers

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This is such an important part of Christmas.

It deserves the utmost care.

Have you thought of those who need watering and feeding Christmas Eve, and very early Christmas morning?

Yes, that's right, I'm talking about: Rudolph, Dancer, Prancer, and co. Busy work pulling that heavy sleigh through the skies, through hours on end, through different time zones. Not to mention all that careful landing and taking off, all through those hours. And having to be quiet about it so as not to wake anyone.

True Reindeer Story:

When my 2 eldest children were young, we had a concrete verandah outside the front door, and we lived on a large section, so there was lots of space.

By the way, at the back of our property, there were very large paddocks with horses roaming in them.

But, I digress. Each Christmas Eve was the solemn occasion of my two young children and their father collecting long grass, from the above mentioned paddock - they just whipped over the fence to get it. Putting it on the verandah and probably some water too. For Rudolph and his mates.

And, would you believe, every Christmas morning we would go outside and Oh, my gosh! Most of the grass would be eaten, and.... those darn reindeer, they always did poos on our verandah. Children's father would get extremely cross and rant and rave, then have to clear it up.

I kid you not. Every year.  It was an amazing thing to happen, those reindeer choosing us.

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