Thursday, 19 April 2018

Current Kind Make-up

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Moving with the times

I've always been a minimalist with make-up. I nearly always always had eyeliner and mascara. But prior to that it was an artful (or so I thought!) touch of eyeshadow around my eyes.

At times I also used foundation, and often mixed it with witch-hazel to thin it, then later, used moisturiser, with a ratio of 50:50, so it made a tinted moisturiser. If I used foundation in any form then I added lipstick.

I've done the no foundation, but waft a bronzer lightly over the face, look, add a bit around the eyes, eyeliner, etc. That was nice.

And I always used brown eyeliner, until one day, I discovered black eyeliner. I've used it ever since. And I've had to add a slate coloured eyebrow pencil (a gift) to refill some of my over-plucked eyebrows.

Times change, we change, and for sure, not staying current with any make-up is an instant ager.

Current make-up

I'm currently using up a Body Shop anti ageing foundation, which is lovely, but it does actually slide off my face. 

Apparently I either need to use a primer first, or, I need a moisturiser (cream type) that said foundation can cling to, and thereby, hold. 

But what I have been doing, is using Essano Vitamin C serum, letting it dry, then mixing the foundation with a rather thick Ego Daily Face Sunscreen 50+, and that keeps it on. I wish that I had been using this sunscreen for many years, it is fantastic. I don't care that it's not 'natural', it doesn't clog my pores and it just suits me. (and not tested on animals). 

Sometimes I just do serum, then the sunscreen, then foundation, etc. As winter progresses, I shall probably just use a moisturiser with SPF15.

To be honest, I also have two other foundations. I am always in a quest for the perfect foundation that makes my sun spots disappear. But recently, I have accepted that this could be a losing battle, so I've decided to just use all of these foundations. I have a cream to powder one that gives a nice coverage for winter, so I'll just use that and moisturiser in the colder weather.

I sometimes fluff the Antipodes mineral powder over the top of the Body Shop foundation. This is an amazing product and I sometimes use it every day. So I buy it fairly regularly. One of my daughters recommended it. And sometimes, if I'm in a hurry, it's just moisturiser followed by the mineral powder.

Then, and yes I know, it's getting ridiculous with all of these products! I sometimes spray over the powder with Elf  Matte Magic Mist and Set (also recommended by daughter), to help it all stay on my face and not disappear.

I have an Essence xxxL mascara (excellent) that I got cheaply at Pricewise, a place which often has cruelty free products. But, when that has done its dash, I'm getting a Thin Lizzy mascara.

I love Thin Lizzy. If I was going to use bronzer again, I would only use theirs. I used to buy a tin of it each year, there are two bronzers in a tin, and one of my daughters and I, would have a bronzer each. Sometimes she bought a tin to share with me. It was like an annual ritual. I always kept those fabulous tins. And their liquid eyeliner, which I also use, is world class. Thin Lizzy is New Zealand made, cruelty free, and named after a Kiwi model (I used to teach yoga to her lovely mother)

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I also have a Designer Brands lipstick. I always end up with slight variations of fuschia, no matter which lipstick that I buy.  Even if I ask for help from a make-up person, this is the colour that they give me. I shall have a good look at Designer Brands 'stuff' next time that I need more makeup etc. Which will be ages away.

I like to look nice, and I'm okay with using a small amount of artifice to do so. What do you use?

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