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Practical Purpose

I don't know about everyone else, but talk to me about purpose & I get all high falluting. I think in grand terms on The Meaning of Life .... & so on.

But actually that's not how I'm thinking about purpose today. I'm thinking more along the lines of

                                  Getting Things Done.

Being Impractical Didn't Work For Me.....

I used to buy into the "visualise and it will happen" scenario. Meaning that if we visualise something, it will come to us, or happen. As if! It seldom ever happened for me. Why? I wonder. And I used to do affirmations with the visualisations, too.

"The Secret", and other such books decreed that visualising what we wanted, worked. Ha! I am proof that this isn't always the best method.

But Here Is How To Be Practical With Purpose

I do know that writing things down does produce results. And, (this is just me) I think that it is because there is purpose involved. According to the Oxford Dictionary, purpose is the reason for doing something. So I am thinking that, along with writing something down, we need to know why we want to do, or be, or have, something. It would help to know why. Know the reason why, the purpose.

And then, I feel that it would help to hold onto that reason why, and do things with focus to achieve that reason, that purpose. When we focus on what matters most, according to The Powers That Be (meaning: I forgot where I read the studies on this!), we use less energy than just daydreaming. Yes!

Doing is less tiring than just daydreaming about things.

Who would have thought?

So, it looks as though just writing things down, is not going to be enough for me. Actually, I do write what I want to achieve, on a list, then promptly forget about it ...... that has been my pattern, so far. But I want to be more effective, so I feel as though I need to work out reasons why, alongside each Thing. And read it often, as part of The Doing Process. To keep my attention on what I'm supposed to be doing, even though the Write It Down, Then Promptly Forget It, method, has worked, it isn't the best way to have a momentum towards doing and completing something. I do know this.

The Satisfaction Of Achieving

And when I just wrote things down, then forgot, of course the surprise at achieving was quite fun. However, the resulting feelings of satisfaction from actually doing something, with awareness on what I'm doing, then completing it, with purpose, I do love that. It gives such a good feeling.

I am also thinking that I shall have to purposely write things down, plus the reasons why, and read it, hopefully, every day, for this process to become a habit. For it to become ingrained, so that I quite naturally Just Do It.

What do you do? Think about it, then just go ahead? Plan? Put up post-its to remind you? There are so many ways .......

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