Wednesday, 15 August 2018

On making life better

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I am looking today at making my life better. And why? Is that all that I ever do?

Well, no. I actually, mostly, just live my life, as it is, and be present as much as I can. Of course, who does that 24/7? Not me, for sure, because it's just too overwhelming. And exhausting. Sometimes we  just need to let go, and surrender to the flow of whatever is going on.

The busy flow of my life suddenly ground to a halt

I had been so busy. Life was exciting. Getting Things Done. People to see, things to do. Then suddenly, overnight, it all ground to an inglorious halt.

I aim to do my best, as often as I can. But today, I can't. I just can't. This is the fifth day of me surrendering to the flow, of a horrible bug which is whipping it's way around the country. Apparently, it's not only in Auckland, but  also around Hobbiton, in the mighty metropolis of Matamata. (so I know it's an important bug. I mean - Hobbiton?) (my son did a stint working at a bar in the Shire, he loved working there)

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So, it is comforting to know that I am not alone. I have been in bed and slept. Or, I had lain on the sofa, in a stupor, going through boxes of tissues, watching youtube and netflix movies. I think it's called binge watching. I don't think that there are many left that I want to half-pie watch. And I suspect that I actually slept through most of them.

First steps to getting better

Today, I am teetering around the house a bit, trying to sort myself out. Changing my sheets. Putting away My Stuff. Swaying as I make some soup. Being Brave. Being a martyr. Sorting things out. Making life better.

Why do this?

Because I am an eternal optimist. I am clearing the decks for, hopefully, tomorrow, when I shall be ready to be better. I am being prepared. I might be a bit premature in my hopes here, but, still, I'm going to be ready for the day, any day soon, when I feel much better.


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    1. accidentally posted your comment twice, Liz, then weirdly lost one of them. (sigh)

  2. I am so sorry to hear you have been under the weather... I wish more people would slow down and care for themselves when they get sick rather than plow through and share their "plague" with all and sundry!

    1. I so agree Liz. It is so selfish to blithely spread germs especially when it's a flu or big virus.


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