Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Casual is more youthful

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Dress more casual

I was reading a vintage magazine, 1960! would you believe? I love reading old magazines. Really old ones. An article on being youthful said that if you want to look younger, then dress more casually, rather than dressing up.

It makes sense, for sure. I knew instinctively that this was correct, and I had actually always thought so, too. But I had a wee think, a bit of a contemplate about it, as I wove through my day.

Each generation has a mode of dressing. And, it does seem that, in the main, each generation can get more casual. Looking back over the decades (those old magazines, again!), the 1980s were more dressing than the hippie 1970s, but overall, casual does seem to get less and less dressy as time progresses.

And, when we dress up, we can often dress up according to an earlier time, when we where younger. Anywhere from teens through to forties. A time when we felt young and vital. So, naturally, we try to duplicate that feeling through how we dressed up, at the time.

And, dressing up, was special. It was then, and it still is, now.

And in doing so, we, well, we age ourselves. I gave a talk a few years ago, where I knew that dress would be casual. So, I complied. Not too casual, because it was about presenting oneself, with colour. Within the casualness, I also had to look professional. I hope that I managed it.

I recall seeing a lovely lady, a bit older than most of the people there, who was wearing her new colour schemes and make-up, which she had gone to a colour stylist for. Fantastic. She was wearing new clothes. Which aged her. For they were what she may well have worn a couple of decades ago. They were also Just Too Dressy for the occasion.

And being overdressed in any situation, is, well, it's ageing. Sorry. But it is.

Why is casual more youthful?

And there are also psychological and visual reasons why casual is more youthful. Youthfulness has a lot to do with movement. If you can move well, you will look and feel younger and more vital. When we were young, we were often in casual clothes. And we were playing, and moving.

So, it's the association of casual dressing and movement that suggests youthfulness. But sometimes, we get it mixed up. And I really dislike it when I do it.

We can tend to overdress when we are being casual. In a way that reminds us, of our youth.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2018


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Inspiration to socialise

I was reading about a woman who has, for some months, been using public transport, to get out and about. She has a car, and often used to bike into her local town. But now, she instead, has chosen to use buses.

Where I live, you can, instead of using your car:
  • walk
  • take trains
  • bus
  • or alternate between these to get to many of your destinations
This is something that I really wanted to do, but haven't. Why have I not done it?
  • I haven't been organised enough to do it
  • You have to allow time to do this
  • I have also been using the rain as an excuse not to. But it's not always raining.
I am going to get into working this into my life, even if it takes me a while to do so:
  • If I want to see my Grand-daughter who lives in an inner city suburb, I can walk to the bus around the corner from where I live, bus to the local shops, get a train to my destination. Hop out of the train, walk across the tracks, and I'm at my Grand-daughter's. Or, just walk to the shops to get the train
  • I can walk to the local shops a couple of times a week for some groceries
  • I can walk and bus to the local mall to do chores there
When I was growing up, we did indeed walk everywhere. Plus catch buses. It was expected that we would do this. No wonder we were all so slim, and seldom got sick. (and yes, I do know... this was a long time ago...)

So, just how is this socialising?

Ah, the crux of this post.
  • The woman whom I was reading about, said it was so that she could be amongst people
  • meet people
  • interact with others
Now, this is an internationally famous author, (Monica Grenfell), who simply decided to do this. I'm willing to bet that she doesn't actually need to have more people in her life.

A cure for loneliness

But I can tell you, that doing all this, is a great cure for loneliness. And for when we realise that we are being too insular (which I can definitely be). What I would do, when I was at home too much, and hadn't talked to anyone for a few days, was:

  • go to the library and work on my computer
  • go over the road to the local cafe. I made many lovely new friends at that cafe
  • walk in the local park
  • go to the local beach, even if it was just to hang out
  • go to a local weekend outdoor brunch place by the sea, and eat a delicious french crepe
I wasn't lonely, as such, but I definitely was being too isolated!

People who need people

Barbra Streisand has an old song about this...

"people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world"

I forget the rest of the song, but I do believe that no person is an island. We need one another. We not only need each other:
  • for company
  • for giving and receiving friendship
  • and for love
But also for skills. The Art of Being Able To Interact With Others. True socialising.

Children need to mix with others, too

Not just at school, but in many situations. In my early years, I was the eldest of five little girls. We only played together for many years, because it was just too much for Mum when a hoard of kids came other to play. Understandable. Actually, she did try to do this, but it was so hard to do. And I am in no way criticising Mum; she was an amazing mother.

As everyone got older, of course this changed. Each child had friends of their own. But, and for me in those early years, and this was the important part, I did not know how to mix with people, even those of my own age, nor how to forge friendships.

Because I was not socialised.

Image may contain: 3 peopleI had a period of my life when I went to live with Nanna, and there, I was expected to be able to  talk to people of all ages. I soon learnt!! It wasn't easy for me, but it was a learned skill, from those lovely years, for which I am still so incredibly grateful.

I had become socialised. And, it did indeed make my life easier.

ps the family grew........

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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Still Spring-ing

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Why I love spring

Actually I love autumn too, but for different reasons. But I am quite serious about spring, in a quiet poking fun at myself, kind of way. I have these things that I enthusiastically do, each spring. Because, well, it's spring!! And also, I'm clearing the decks for summer.

But why do I love spring? Probably for the same reasons as everyone else:
  • summer is almost here
  • that darned rain stops, or slows down. Here, our winter rain, as opposed to our spring or summer rain, is often cold, fierce, and windy, so it pelts down sideways. Hence my glee and relief when it calms down.
  • we stop freezing
  • the sun is out!
Not brilliant reasons. But, to me, 

             spring is a time of growth; of new life

new beginnings

New births in the nature kingdom. Not just animals, but beautiful blossoms, amazing spring flowers. With my eldest children, we lived alongside a wide country (semi country, really) lane, and we had horse paddocks behind us. Every spring, up would come daffodils in that lane, and in the paddocks. The lane was almost crowded out by them. A riot of colour. So special.

For me, winter is a time of planning, and sorting things out. Then, come spring, we have our plans sorted to start on, for whatever reason. Or even just have an idea of what we are going to do, the direction on which we would like to take.

everything feels lighter, so consequently, so do we

And I don't think that it's just the weather. That old saying "a spring in your step"? That's what this beautiful season does to me, so I'm assuming that it's the same for everyone else. Being that we are all, in so many ways, quite similar.

Maybe I feel this way
  • because of the new life bursting forth
  • there is more blue sky, which makes us feel so good
  • the days are getting longer, so that we have more time to get things done, do more with our life
  • it's not so cold. For me, it just makes it easier to get things done, when the days are longer, and I'm not so cold
  • I notice that I also get out and about more

for me, spring is the season of hope

and with all of this, for me, I have a feeling of New Hope, when spring has burst forth. I eagerly await it (or is that I desperately await it?), near the end of August, as September is spring in New Zealand. And that hope, inside of me, is for everyone, especially my family. I have great hope that all will be the best for them.

Practical stuff

I do practical sorting-out-life things, too, come spring.

  • spring cleaning. Sorting stuff out. Putting stuff away. Seasonal cleaning (not quite into that yet, to be honest)
  • revisiting my diet (as in my previous post)
  • enthusiastically pulling out my spring clothes. I am now into a single layer, on top, and bottom, with a warm-ish hoodie for when it's cold. Still long-sleeved and too warm for summer, but less than winter
  • I ruthlessly biff any winter clothes which I didn't wear. I didn't wear them because I didn't like them or they were unflattering
  • I decide on a "look" for spring with clothes. With what I already have. As I'm saving for some essentials (not clothes) I cannot spend too much on new clothes. 
                                              Ah, yes. Spring.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Spring has again, sprung

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Spring is here

I can actually feel it, in the air., Or, is it in the ether? I'm not sure which. On a recent drive into the countryside, you could see the lambs happily running and bouncing around. Frolicking, I believe. Lots of calves. Spring flowers bursting forth. And pollen. Darned pollen. but hey, who cares, because: spring is here!!

le spring regime

Time to move with the seasons, methinks. I have decided to follow a very doable system of:

a diet overhaul:
  • eat three times a day. Which means that I have to eat enough at each meal, which was what I was doing a few months ago.
  • a fortified muesli for breakfast. equal amounts of oat bran (because that's the sort of oats that I already have) and wheat germ. I love wheat germ, to me it is just so delicious. LSA, protein powder (6 - 10 grams of protein), a couple of powders, not much: berries and greens. Soak in whatever type of milk that you like. A piece of fruit. Yum. Adjust all to taste.
  • I'm intending to make lunch my main meal which will be fish mostly, plus a green vegetable or two.
  • and dinner will be vegetable soup for a wee while. With a small amount of cheese and bread. Actually really filling because at present I'm using root vegetables, including beetroot.
  • I'll make adjustments, maybe even change it as needed, as I go along
  • water (this is where I'm slack)
short daily bursts of exercise, for spring, health, and toning:
  • I do a small yoga routine each morning, poses, breathing, meditation. Not earth shattering, but doable. Nothing to boast about, or even really admit to. But, mostly, I do it. As a yoga teacher, I have known so many friends who were unable to maintain daily yoga. This, I feel, is because they made it too hard to do, simply by making it too long. Or too complicated.
  • short, brisk walks. I live in suburbia, and I do admit that have found it a bit hard to get inspired, strolling around the roads, past lots of houses. I have to get over this.
  • short bursts of body toning. Which I had been doing a few times a week, but now I'll do, for example, legs and buttocks one day, upper body the next. Abs, probably three minutes each day. So, that's more, but in short doses, it's doable.
  • move briskly about the day, which makes me feel that I'm doing something. Hilarious really, to think like that.
I need to do the diet and exercise overhaul, even just for health reasons. Especially as the weight loss came to a grinding halt. A new, simple, approach, is clearly needed here. And I fully expect wonderful things like toning up and getting stronger physically.

I am also feeling that I need to build myself up. As in immunity:

A friend makes amazing products. Some are made for the individual, but two are available in a few places. I managed to be advised as to what I needed. (lucky me)
  • I'm taking a personalised lung builder-upper. Amazingly, I could feel results after just one dose!
  • and a vitamin C.
So, that's it, at present. To be continued, built upon, or changed, as needed.

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