Thursday, 6 September 2018

Spring has again, sprung

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Spring is here

I can actually feel it, in the air., Or, is it in the ether? I'm not sure which. On a recent drive into the countryside, you could see the lambs happily running and bouncing around. Frolicking, I believe. Lots of calves. Spring flowers bursting forth. And pollen. Darned pollen. but hey, who cares, because: spring is here!!

le spring regime

Time to move with the seasons, methinks. I have decided to follow a very doable system of:

a diet overhaul:
  • eat three times a day. Which means that I have to eat enough at each meal, which was what I was doing a few months ago.
  • a fortified muesli for breakfast. equal amounts of oat bran (because that's the sort of oats that I already have) and wheat germ. I love wheat germ, to me it is just so delicious. LSA, protein powder (6 - 10 grams of protein), a couple of powders, not much: berries and greens. Soak in whatever type of milk that you like. A piece of fruit. Yum. Adjust all to taste.
  • I'm intending to make lunch my main meal which will be fish mostly, plus a green vegetable or two.
  • and dinner will be vegetable soup for a wee while. With a small amount of cheese and bread. Actually really filling because at present I'm using root vegetables, including beetroot.
  • I'll make adjustments, maybe even change it as needed, as I go along
  • water (this is where I'm slack)
short daily bursts of exercise, for spring, health, and toning:
  • I do a small yoga routine each morning, poses, breathing, meditation. Not earth shattering, but doable. Nothing to boast about, or even really admit to. But, mostly, I do it. As a yoga teacher, I have known so many friends who were unable to maintain daily yoga. This, I feel, is because they made it too hard to do, simply by making it too long. Or too complicated.
  • short, brisk walks. I live in suburbia, and I do admit that have found it a bit hard to get inspired, strolling around the roads, past lots of houses. I have to get over this.
  • short bursts of body toning. Which I had been doing a few times a week, but now I'll do, for example, legs and buttocks one day, upper body the next. Abs, probably three minutes each day. So, that's more, but in short doses, it's doable.
  • move briskly about the day, which makes me feel that I'm doing something. Hilarious really, to think like that.
I need to do the diet and exercise overhaul, even just for health reasons. Especially as the weight loss came to a grinding halt. A new, simple, approach, is clearly needed here. And I fully expect wonderful things like toning up and getting stronger physically.

I am also feeling that I need to build myself up. As in immunity:

A friend makes amazing products. Some are made for the individual, but two are available in a few places. I managed to be advised as to what I needed. (lucky me)
  • I'm taking a personalised lung builder-upper. Amazingly, I could feel results after just one dose!
  • and a vitamin C.
So, that's it, at present. To be continued, built upon, or changed, as needed.

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